El Postigo in Cañete!!!

Let me you a nature’s paradise which will be appreciated by all nature lovers including me, Again, doing updates on posts in my blog, found pictures not yet shown and should be, This was a memorable trip base in our house in Las Majadas (see posts) with the family, Therefore, let me tell you about El Postigo in the town of Cañete, Province of Cuenca and in the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha, My fav region full of wonderful family memories including this one.  We were thinking where to go next into the real Castilian mountains of my dear Spain, and decided to take the community road CM2106 driving into the unknown even for me, This is how we came up to Cañete and the El Postigo. Here is a bit of the story translated from the city, better.


The region of Cañete is part of what is geographically called the Serranía de Cuenca, (see post) which together with the neighboring Sierra de Albarracín and the Valencian region of Los Serranos form the southernmost foothills of the Iberian System. It is a large mountainous area (almost 7,000 square kilometers for the Sierra de Cuenca alone) populated by a colossal forest mass. Within the Serranía de Cuenca, Cañete and its area occupy the central part of the massif. It is a very sparsely populated area, almost a demographic desert, with small and widely separated nuclei. The two most important highways in the Cuenca mountains pass through its urban nucleus. These are the N-420 and the CM-2106. It has a population of 764 inhabitants (INE 2020),

The place of El Postigo is the immediate natural area to Cañete, extending under the same walls of the old town of the town, The place takes its name from the narrow postern, from an indefinite period, which has always served the people of Cañete to access the mills and orchards, as well as to ensure water in times of need.

El Postigo encompasses a narrow section of the riverbed of the Río de la Virgen (or Río Tinte), a tributary of the Río Mayor that originates from the Las Fuentes spring, about two km from the town. After taking its first steps through the open plain, the river suddenly descends towards the Rio Mayor river, gaining unevenness and cascading over several limestone steps, of which the highest is known as Pozo de la Horca, about ten meters high , which constitutes the most spectacular and hidden point of the El Postigo area, at the very foot of the hermitage of the Virgen de la Zarza, patron saint of the town (see post).

The place has numerous native plant species , to which we must add a good number of herbaceous plants and the color of the orchards, small pieces of agricultural jewelery. The wall over the ravine is a Muslim work from the middle of the 10C. A series of recently cleared paths allow a comfortable and pleasant itinerary of a few minutes through the area. With an abundant number of plant species, the freshness of the Rio Virgen , the small wonder of the Pozo de la Horca waterfall and the prospects of the southern wall of Cañete, where the old Islamic bastions have been invaded and overcome by the popular architecture, the place of El Postigo is a reduced symbiosis of the natural and the human that is well worth a short walk. And we did !!!


I am sure, you will agree, one of the most charming corners of Cañete is El Postigo. After crossing a curious bridge that consisted of a log held by two ropes, we went down to the river bank to contemplate the work “Lavanderas del río Tinte” or laundries of Tinte river. Following the same shore it is also possible to reach “La molienda”,or the grinding,  another work from Luis Zafrilla’s Illustrated Landscape. We finished the tour of this tourist area, at the end of which “La ronda” or round one, awaited us, another work, which in this case offered a certain degree of interactivity by being able to put your face next to the other members of the sculpted music band.


The city of Cañete on El Postigo: https://www.villadecanete.com/monumentos.php?ID=14

This is a youtube video on Cañete by minute 0:34 you will see El Postigo; hope is kept as youtube has the habit of taken them down. Enjoy it while available.

There you go folks, another dandy in my real mountains of my dear Spain. Cañete is a small town but for us is big, memorable moment with my family on my showing off of Spain! My dear late wife Martine love it!!! Hope you enjoy the post as well as I

And remember, happy travels,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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