Old Beuzec-Conq now Concarneau!

In my road warrior trips I have come many times to Concarneau but always missed the upper town away from the harbor and the Ville Close (see posts) , This time we venture into the inner lands and passed by the old village of Beuzec-Conq , which is part of Concarneau since 1945, One of the nice off the beaten paths in the Finistére, of my lovely Bretagne. 

I will briefly tell the history of the Church of Saint Budoc.  This is a church located in Beuzec-Conq, and the best way to get there is by car of course, You come off the expressway N165 and taken direction centre ville Concarneau connect right on the D783 , and turn right at Rue de Stang ar Lin straight into the city center of Beuzec-Conq where the church is located at place de l’église.

The Church of Saint Budoc is built in the 17C by the lords of Coatconq on the heights of Beuzec-Conq and the Moros river. At the end of the 18C, it lost its steeple which served as a landmark for sailors to locate the port entrance. The church continues to deteriorate during the 19C and it was not until 1890 that the restoration work began. Only a few elements of the original structure remain, such as the holy water font. The church is dedicated to Saint Budoc but has never been officially consecrated.   Saint Budoc is the son of Azenor, who has a statue in the church; he is represented accompanied by a barrel in which, according to legend, he was thrown into the sea.


The Church of Saint Budoc is built of granite on the basis of a three-naves in a Latin Cross   style. It comprises, preceded by a steeple to a room without a gallery, a nave of five spans with aisles and a choir of a span with aisles and right chevet. At the right of the fourth and fifth bays of the nave, there are double aisles forming two small side chapels. The font dates from the 17C. The baptismal font dates from the 17C. The high altar dates from 1892. The altarpiece of Ste. Anne,dates from 1917-1921. An old sepulchre of Our Lord was placed formerly in the arm of the transept forming a chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist: it was framed in a 15C crib, having columns with large capitals which served as supports for the statues of Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian. There are the statues of Saint Budoc, Saint John the Baptist, the Virgin Mother and Saint Azenor inside.


Not much written on it as the information above was from a panel in the Church entrance and the Religious heritage webpage on the church : https://www.patrimoine-religieux.fr/eglises_edifices/29-Finistere/29039-Concarneau/124383-EglisedeSaintBudocenBeuzec

The City of Concarneau on its heritagehttps://www.concarneau.fr/ville/mairie/concarneau-55/histoire

The Concarneau Pont Aven tourist office on Concarneau heritagehttps://www.concarneau.fr/ville/mairie/concarneau-55/histoire

There you go folks, Indeed the village is very quant and not only has this Church but the castle (see post) , great history and architecture above from the Close Ville of Concarneau, however, this is really Beuzec-Conq as its Breton best. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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