A Church and a Chapel at Gourin!

And so continue on our latest trip in my beautiful department Morbihan 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne/Brittany in my belle France, we stay at Gourin! This is a town just one hour from my house yet this is our first time there! And we like it, will be back. This is an update of an older post and see the others on Gourin !!!

We were there for the Statue of Liberty (see post) and wandering around even met a collegue native of Gourin! After a bit of walk and some local advise we encounter a great combo. The Church of St Peter and St Paul and the Chapel of the Virgin or Our Lady of Victory. I like to tell you a bit on them as they are next to each other! The Church of St. Pierre et St. Paul (St Peter and St Paul) at 9 Place de l’Église  Its enclosure included the cemetery, the Chapel Notre-Dame des Victoires, a Pietà and an ossuary .

The construction of the Church of St Peter and St Paul began in 1490 with the support of the lords of Kergoët, Kerbiguet and Tronjoly. The church was completed in 1500. The inauguration took place on March 21, 1500 . The church of Gourin is today a beautiful church in stone , except for part of the north wall which is tufa (shale). The parish enclosure, if not surrounded by walls, is still materialized and includes the Chapel Notre-Dame des Victoires, the church and the Pieta exterior, which dates from 1875. The ossuary was built in 1778 with the stones of two old chapels (Saint-Pierre and Saint-Yves) which rose in the cemetery. This cemetery, abandoned in 1850, surrounded the church, as in most parishes.


The bell tower, built in 1745, is a tower with balustrades and bell towers in flamboyant Gothic style, typical of the region of the Montagne Noirs (Black Mountains). You can access the “bell chamber” by a small spiral staircase. Four bells, melted in Villedieu-les-Poêles (Manche dept 50 ) were blessed during a grandiose party, on October 27, 1901.  Each bears a name: Anne-Perrine, Marie-Louise, Marie-Aurélie and the greatest Edmée-Joséphine. The latter, the respectable weight of 609 kg (modest for a bell but the smallness of the bays of the tower does not allow to receive larger), had for godmother, the countess of Lescouet. Electrical handling replaced the manual ringer after WWII.


The stained glass windows of origin were destroyed during the French revolution. The current stained glass windows, bright, with shimmering colors were set up in 1874-1875. The organ was built in 1864 ,and was restored in 1930, as well as in 1960, then again from 1997 to 2000, when the new organ was restored to its original place at the front of the platform.   The organ of Gourin is one of the best preserved of the region. It is the only organ of such quality existing in the perimeter of the Pays du Roi Morvan (country of king morvan) and the townships of Plouay and Cléguérec.


The Church of St Pierre et St Paul is oriented, of a rectangular shape with polygonal choir, includes a nave of seven bays, opening on the aisles by arcades in third-point resting by penetration on polygonal pillars.The fourth bay, which supported the tower, is isolated by two large arches that separate it from the nave and choir. The nave, formerly solid is covered with a wooden cradle and the choir is vaulted with ogives. 16C bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the New Testament and a Notre-Dame de Pitié decorate the altarpiece of one of the altars. The altarpiece dates from 1686 and the Virgin of Pity, in polychrome wood, dates from the 16C. The exterior decoration of the creepers, cushioned buttresses of pinnacles and portals is flamboyant. The windows are flamboyant, still contain some fragments of stained glasses. The pulpit to be preached seems to date from 1778. There is an ossuary 1778, a Calvary and originally two chapels. In 1961, the ossuary is transformed into a municipal workshop.

The city of Gourin on the churchhttp://www.gourin.fr/eglise-saint-pierre-et-saint-paul.html

The Parish diocese of Gourin on the churchhttps://www.doyenne-gourin.fr/eglises/eglise-saint-pierre-saint-paul

The pays de roi Morvan tourist office on the churchhttps://www.tourismepaysroimorvan.com/en/preparing-your-stay/to-see-and-do/religious-heritage/churches/eglise-saint-pierre-et-saint-paul-1052103

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Victoires or aka  Chapel of the Virgin b.1509. Destroyed by a fire, the chapel was restored and enlarged in 1830.


It has a rectangular shape with three naves and a three-sided apse. The bell tower, with pinnacle double lantern superimposed, dates from the 16C. The steeple is carved with a little hare, which gave birth to a curious legend. You will find there the tombstone of Tad Mad (Jean Marie Gorrec, priest of Gourin from 1758 to 1772): according to a popular tradition, to frolic infants on the tombstone of Tad Mad accelerates their learning of walking.   Two cherub heads are carved above the gate.


The city of Gourin on its chapels including ND des Victoireshttp://www.gourin.fr/autres-chapelles.html

The Parish diocese of Gourin on the chapel: https://www.doyenne-gourin.fr/chapelles-et-pardons/gourin/notre-dame-des-victoires

There you go folks, a one two punch on the same spot in nice Gourin,  We will be back, really a nice friendly good ambiance town north of the Morbihan almost near the Finistére Breton. Hope you enjoy the find as we did. Until next time in Gourin.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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