The Pointe du Conguel of Quiberon !!!

A magical spot in my beloved Morbihan 56 of my lovely Bretagne. This one we know ,not told much but need to . It is for the lover’s of the sea ,nature, and just beautiful scenery. You need to go there by car of course. I will update this older post for you and me as remind me, we were there recently as allow to go out and with still restos/bars were closed no need to go further. Anyway this is our backyard and what a yard it is. Welcome to the Quiberon peninsula or Presqu’ïle de Quiberon!

Oh yes the name is Pointe du Conguel or Conguel’s tip/point . It is all the way to the end of the peninsula bordering beautiful Atlantic ocean breezes and waves , passing by wonderful places to stay ,shop, and eat. This is another world, almost an island world which is my roots anyway. Let me tell you a bit more about it ok.

The Pointe du Conguel is at the end of the peninsula in the Bay of Quiberon. It is in the territory of the town of Quiberon. The meaning of Conguel probably comes from the Latin/Spanish concha (shell), itself of Greek origin and which also gave the French conque which qualified ports whose sheltered cove was a guarantee of protection for ships.


The Pointe du Conguel is originally an island, formed by rocks linked together by accumulated sand. This island is connected to the mainland by a tombolo 300 meters long. Two islets extend the point: Toul Bihan, accessible on foot at low tides, and Toul Bras, where Gallic burials were discovered. Further out is the Phare de la Teignouse or lighthouse, which marks the passage of the Teignouse, near which the battleship of the Courbet France class sank on August 22, 1922, ripped open by a rock; the wreck is located 0.5 mile south-east of the Teignouse lighthouse.  The lighthouse of Teignouse marks the separation between the Bay of Quiberon and the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can enjoy an extensive view of the offshore islands. For early risers, it is an idyllic place to watch the sunrise.


The Pointe du Conguel is about 1000 meters long and 200 meters wide. It is placed under the protection of the Conservatoire du Littoral. A path makes it possible to go around this natural site. The Conservatoire du Littoral is a establishment member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it has no equivalent in other countries. In 2017, the Conservatoire ensures the protection of 200,000 hectares on more than 750 sites, representing approximately 1,600 km of maritime shoreline, i.e. 15% of the French coastline. In my Morbihan they manage the following. The Islands: Belle-Île-en-Mer, Groix Island, Houat and Hœdic. On the Bay of Quiberon: The pointe du Men-er-Bellec, Pointe de Keryondre, and Pointe du Conguel. In the Gulf of Morbihan: L’anse de Mancel, Ilur Island, pointe des Emigrants, Pointe de Kerpenhir , Pointe de Penhap; marshes of Pen an Toul, marshes of Séné, and banks of the Vincin. Also, the dunes of Plouhinec and Le marais de Pénestin (marshes). The official webpage on the Pointe du Conguel info is here in French:


There is a nice beach here , Plage du Conguel at the end, the pedestrian-only Conguel beach is particularly quiet, especially since it is sheltered from the westerly winds. Not far from there, at the end of the Pointe, south side, the Jument Beach is a very quiet place, far from the bustle of the city center! On the parking at the entrance of the Pointe du Conguel, you will find toilets and an emergency call terminal. Spaces for parking bicycles and picnic tables. We love it!!


My favorite webpage for beaches in France, plages TV on the Conguel beach

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Conguel beach location etc

You can walk or bike all of this, and we do walk and walk km, lovely all around the best way to see nature.  Again, my heaven on earth and slowly unveiling it for the world. Hope you enjoy the tour of the Pointe du Conguel another nice one down the alley from me about 40 minutes driving on easy roads D768 all the way from my house. Quiberon is tops, and the Pointe du Conguel is awesome.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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