The old Fort Neuf of Quiberon!

And moving about the area recently it brought back  many memories of family visits, so went back to the blog to see what was written on it. I found it mix in with other posts and really it deserves a post of its own; therefore, here is my take on the old Fort Neuf of Quiberon! Hope you enjoy it as I.


One of the nicest thing around here is that there is an old fort and a small beach very nice with hotels resto nearby right at the very tip of the Quiberon peninsula lovely sea views and great walks of course. I read the sign at the fort to translate a bit of information here. Fort Neuf, probably built during the War of Succession of Spain (Habsbourg) 1701-1774. It was completely enclosed in 1792, and finally a complete fortress between 1883 and 1886.


It was still occupied during the wars of the French revolution and the Empire. The construction of a model tower is envisaged there in 1811. It is one of the four coastal batteries out of eleven kept by the “Joint Commission of armament of the coasts of France, Corsica and the islands” of 1841 for the defense of the anchorages on the Quiberon peninsula. The commission awarded it two 30-pound guns and two 22-cm howitzers. Its cubicle must be a crenellated guard for 40 men intended to accommodate 20 infantry from a coast guard post in addition to the battery servants. The reorganization of the battery and the construction of the guardhouse were carried out in 1860-1861. The Fort Neuf battery was kept after 1870 and rebuilt in the 1880s according to new standards adapted to the progress of artillery. Its armament consists of three 24 cm guns, 1876 war models. The Fort Neuf battery was no longer part of Quiberon’s defenses , and in 1902 the defense was moved to Port Haliguen (see post). During the Great War or WWI, it accommodated the installations of a seaplane base. The site is occupied by the Nazi army during WWII. The battery casemates from the 1880s were razed at the end of the 1990s. The site is currently used as a public garden.


Of course, there is another wonderful beach just at the foot of the fort. The Plage du Fort Neuf  along the ocean front Bd. de la Teignouse. Ideal for lovers of sailing and jet-skiing: this beach has a launching wedge for all sailboats and motorboats. Oriented to the East, it shelters swimmers from the West winds. In addition, they can enjoy the view of the Bay of Quiberon offered from the Fort Neuf promontory. Parking at the foot of Fort Neuf free.

quiberon plage fort neuf jan21

My fav beach webpage Plages TV on the Fort Neuf beach

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon

There you go folks, glad to show you my heaven on earth and slowly unveiling it for the world. Hope you enjoy the tour of the old Fort Neuf another nice one down the alley from me about 40 minutes driving on easy roads D768 all the way from my house. Quiberon is tops !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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