The beaches of Plouharnel!

This is a town we came to from a friend at work who does a lot of surfing here, We came to see it and remind me of my old life in Florida, I will be telling you about beaches in Plouharnel ! a rather timely post. The ishtmus before getting into the Quiberon peninsula, I have written other posts on these but not on the beaches of Plouharnel, Therefore, here is my small contribution to the town and its beaches in my blog. All to yourself and the ocean waves just magical me think. Of course, Plouharnel is in my beautiful Morbihan, and lovely Bretagne !


And while no tipping the toes in the water these days, we do walk around the vast beaches for a quiet walk of stress buster from the every day grind and its the best natural remedy there is. The thrill of seeing folks enjoying the beach and the sights of Summer is just wonderful, As it is a very dedicated beach to surfers is crowded with them, sometimes you think there are seals out there, Here is my remedy for all, hope you enjoy it and knotted down for a summer in the Morbihan! Glorious!

The nicer beach here and clean, safe even if more suited for surfers and kites folks ,lots of waves; the rest was nice. A very popular place for surfers around here indeed. This is plage Sainte-Barbe beach . While being a natural beach it is also Plouharnel’s most comprehensive. Bordered by gorgeous sand dunes, it opens up to Ile-de-Groix on the right and Belle-ïle-en-Mer  to the left, all whilst having a view to Quiberon’s wild coast (côte sauvage). (see posts) ,The northern parts of the beach or Erdeven (see post) way are reserved for water sports such as conventional surfing and kite surfing.  The beach is monitored during summer with the lifeguard station can be found at the main entrance. Please note that leashed dogs are allowed on this beach, and my Rex love it!!!


Other beaches of note in Plouharnel are:

Mentor’s beach is not a well visited beach!. No doubt because the access road can be a little crowded during summer!! well after all it is in a peninsula lol! , but out with weekends and peak times, it’s all good! This beach has many attractive qualities: fine sand, dunes, natural surroundings, areas to both surf and kitesurf (which makes for entertaining watching), and our four legged friends are also welcome here, just as long as they are both leashed and well-trained.

Mané Guen is Plourharnel’s southernmost beach and the closest to the Quiberon Peninsula. Known for its water sports, it has various areas reserved for conventional surfing and kitesurfing, however it is also well appreciated by swimmers for its nearby parking . Leashed dog are also allowed on this beach.

Plouharnel’s Sables Blancs beach (White Sands ) can be found right at the northern tip of Quiberon Bay , and south of Plouharnel Bay. This beach is frequented more by connoisseurs or those staying at nearby camping sites, than others. Indeed the first time we went it was all camping car but the facilities and beach are good for all. This beach does have its advantages such as  warm shallow waters; a natural, untouched setting despite the nearby camping sites, and a great place to go foot-fishing at low tide! For the sporty ones, you can also practice kitesurfing here.


And the one I stop by and gaze the bay do a walk and is the least known but openly available right off the road D768 curvature along the bay and across from the military Fort de Plouharnel (see post). This is Bois d’Amour beach ,no lifeguard no facilities just open wide beach along the Quiberon’s Bay. Enjoy them at will no limits !!


The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Plouharnel surfing beaches

My fav beach webpage plages tv on the beaches of Plouharnel

The city of Plouharnel on surfing beaches information

And there you go folks, just to tell you about these wonderful beaches of Plouharnel in the huge complex that is the Bay of Quiberon and its Peninsula or Presqu’ïle de Quiberon , my fav place in all of Bretagne! Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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