Kercado sports center and covid19!

Well something that is fashion nowdays is the problem of the covid19 or pandemic virus from the east. There is really no public information on the details of how this came about althought I know and many know where it started with little information coming from there. The rush has been to vaccinate the entire population which in France is around the 80%. However, already the media is bombarding our brains about the possibility of a third vaccine due to the variants (mutations) of the virus. We are now with the health pass or passe sanitaire to be able to travel , visit restaurants cinemas etc. And the beat goes on in the new world order.

The next thing they will make a science fiction movie of all this for future generations. In the meantime protect yourselves with the usual recommendations of wash hands, put on your mask ,and keep away one meter (except for sex I hope!) As we went thru the procedures, let me tell you ours.

I went online to the site of doctolib and got me appointments to the Kercado Sports Center in Vannes as there they use the pfizer vaccine. In my town of Pluvigner they were using the Aztra-Zeneca but I refuse to take that one, my choice. The appointments were easy, you are alerted by email and sms of your date and time, you go there with the appointment info, your health insurance card (carte vitale), the citizen identification or carte d’identité and go thru the line according to your time. Very quickly in, to a desk to present your identification information, then filled out a simple one page form not having any problems or , and then to a big hall (basketball court) where you are seated to await your call for the vaccine. The vaccine is done effortless and painless ,and afterward you to a seated area where you wait the 15 minutes in case of side effects, you are call and given your proof of vaccination which is good for all. That’s it folks very easy simple and free!

Vannes kercado omnisports covid vaccines center XF day 24aug2021

For the pandemic, the main hospital here use it as a vaccination center or vaccindrome, The Bretagne Atlantique Hospital Center opened a giant vaccination center last April 6 2021 in the Kercado sports center in Vannes . The goal is to provide 1,000 injections each day, up to 1,500 the following months. The center is open Monday to Saturday from 8h45 to 17h15. You will have to make an appointment there, online or via the telephone platform on 33 (0) 2 97 01 99 56. We did ours thru doctolib webpage:

vannes kercado omnisports vaccine center 08jun2021

The city of Vannes on the vaccinodrome in the Centre Sportif de Kercado

Centre Sportif de Kercado, 28 Rue Winston Churchill, 56000 Vannes. The Sports Center of Kercado is a great sports venue in Vannes, I have to admit until the vaccination for the covid19 virus I have never been in it lol ! However, once in it was curious enough to find out more about it.

The Kercado sports center is huge with several buildings, In it you can practices such sporting activities as having on site one football field of honor, two stabilized fields, one grass field for mini football, one synthetic athletics track (400m); one asphalt athletics track (250m), nine outdoor tennis courts with free access, skate park, one athletics throwing area, one sports course, five PE arenas, one archery range , three sports halls, one specific gymnastics hall, one weapons hall, and one open archery pitch, The favorite sports are Fencing (Epée / Foil / Sabre), Football / Indoor Football (Futsal), Acrobatic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, and Rhythmic Gymnastics, The sports center has hosted several major competitions, including the Women’s Eurobasket in 2013 and the famous Harlem Globetrotters in 2014. It has a capacity of 1,000 seats and parquet flooring.

The sportsenFrance webpage with more description on the sports side :

There you go folks, now you are all cover, literally! One sure off the beaten path place in my capital city of Vannes which awaits better times to be able to see some good sporting event here like the city basketball (prénationale division men and women) or volleyball (prénationale men and women )teams! Hope you enjoy the post for the anecdote of it all

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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