The beaches of Ploemeur in my Morbihan!

And this is a special find in my blog. I have written on this town but the beaches had it mix with another town in another post if you can understand me lol! So I have decided to split the towns and write on the beaches of each apart. They deserve it and so are beautiful in my Morbihan breton dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

We are last minute travelers and usually take our two big vacation periods in August and Christmas/New Year’s time. The rest we just wandered around our areas or an occassional weekend treat. Today I decided to go into unchartered territory sort of. We went by the area but with so much to see we continue to by passed wonderful spots that now I take the time to see ,locally. Here is the beaches of Ploemeur in the Morbihan dept 56.  Of course, I have written on Ploemeur before , but today will concentrate on the coastal area and its beaches. They can compare with any and are a wonderful spot to soak on the French flair ! Let me tell you a bit more on them.

Ploemeur is a town on the Atlantic coast bordering four cities: Lorient, Larmor-Plage, Guidel and Quéven.  (see posts) It has 17 km of coastline! On this range there are several beaches, without counting several coves. The way to the sea is a 13 km circuit linking the center of Ploemeur to the seaside.

ploemeur-la-plage-de-port-blanc- kerroch-arriving-parking-may19

In the hamlet of Kerroc’h , part of Ploemeur, west of the pointe du Talud, there is the Port Blanc-Kerroc’h beach which is mostly frequented by locals ,and my favorite. It opens on the port of Kerroc’h, which is rather a mooring area for small boats, historically there were fishermen who practiced coastal fishing and there is a boat ramp very busy. The Port Blanc – Kerroc’h beach is a family beach of fine sand of 100 meters long surrounded by rocks, and of course swimming is not supervised. This beach is equipped with: sanitary, drinking water point, showers, and telephone booth. I must add and you can see by the photos that it is very nice cosy beach and very nice for families, with plenty of eating facilities up the street. There is, also, a lighthouse pointing towards the Belle ïle en Mer and a Calvary in honor of the fallen fisherman!





The nearby Pointe du Talud  (talud tip or point lookout) is located between the beaches of Pérello and Kerroc’h. There is a promenade along the cliffs anchored in the sea. The natural and the diversity of the landscapes constantly moving over the seasons and the weather will amaze you. This advance of land in the sea will make as much the pleasure of walkers as fishermen. This is more secluded and grassy sandy walks along the ocean are always wonderful. The area is loaded with mobile homes both for rentals and all year living as residents. The big thing here is a very nice camping or Camping Pointe du Talud, which never been but looks great.


Of course, Ploemeur been on the coast has several beaches such as Kaolins (500 meters long and nudist allowed) ,Fort Bloqué (1900 meters long and gravel stones facing the fort, (see post), Pérello (200 meters long and surrounded by rocks elevations) , Courégant a half moon sort of surrounded by rocks elevation naturally nice) , the Anse du Stole-Lomener (600 meters long and more youth activities)  and Fort Fontaine-Lomener (more in village of lomener and family friendly).

The city of Ploemeur and its beaches

My fav beach site plages tv on Ploemeur Kerroc’h beach

The Lorient south Brittany tourist board on Ploemeur:

And there you go a nice beaches of Ploemeur for a day or weekend soaking on the nice Breton sunshine and great bounties of the sea on site! Not to mention the nice pure air walks along the ocean, always nice. Hope you enjoy the beaches of Ploemeur as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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