The beaches of Larmor-Plage in my Morbihan!

And this is a special find in my blog. I have written on this town but the beaches had it mix with another town in another post if you can understand me lol! So I have decided to split the towns and write on the beaches of each apart. They deserve it and so are beautiful in my Morbihan breton dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

We are last minute travelers and usually take our two big vacation periods in August and Christmas/New Year’s time. The rest we just wandered around our areas or an occassional weekend treat. Today I decided to go into unchartered territory sort of. We go by the area but with so much to see we continue to by pass wonderful spots that now I take the time to see ,locally. Here is the beaches of Larmor Plage in the Morbihan dept 56.  Of course, I have written on Larmor-Plage before , but today will concentrate on the coastal area and its beaches. They can compare with any and are a wonderful spot to soak on the French flair ! Let me tell you a bit more on them.

Larmor-Plage is located on the west bank of the entrance to the harbor of Lorient which marks the confluence of the Blavet and Scorff rivers, it faces the island of Groix and the Atlantic Ocean. The territory of the town extends inside the harbor of Lorient, allowing a view on the peninsula of Gâvres, the Citadel of Port-Louis and Lorient (see posts) . The coastline is rich and varied, alternating rocky coast, sandy beaches such as port Maria, and Toulhars etc., dune cordon with its marshes at Anse de Kerguelen, and Parc Océanique, the coastal urban area with its ancient and contemporary villas, the village center surrounded by the Notre Dame de Larmor Church (see post) and its Tower fortified steeple that responded to the salutation of the naval ships passing through the access channel of the harbor by a flock of bells. Larmor-Plage is a seaside resort, adopted by tourists and local walkers for its beaches, its Marina, its restaurants in the village, on the port, and along the promenade of port Maria, its traditional market on the place du Bourg on Sunday mornings and its promenades with a view on the island of Groix and the harbor of Lorient.

Larmor Plage looking towards Port Louis fortress mars12

The plage de Toulhars is a family beach lined with a pedestrian promenade. A popular venue for beach volley enthusiasts. Toilets and showers are available, pets are not allowed. The beach is supervised from July 01 to August 31. The beach of Toulhars forms a cove that gives the whole landscape its coherence. In the immediate vicinity of the town, the seafront of Toulhars is the main seaside area of Larmor-Plage, with its pedestrian promenade on both sides of the cove and its row of modest-sized resorts, where some high-rise buildings recently have been pretty much integrated. The two landing-stages, today abandoned by the port users and maintained by the town, serve as a place for walks.



Of course ,other than above you have several beaches in Larmor-Plage , redundancy in the name means Larmor beach! The Plage de Port-Maria is the favorite of the locals bordered by a wonderful promenade de Port Maria, a humming place for all with several restaurants, and bars just by the water’s edge. Also, Anse de Kerguelen, Plage de Locqueltas, and Grève de la Nourriguel and Kernével.  Splendid views on the  citadelle of Port-Louis (see post) and the entrance to the rade of Lorient ! However, swimming is prohibited.

Larmor plage ,the Maria beach Mars12

The City of Larmor-Plage on its beaches

My fav beach webpage plages tv on the toulhars and Port Maria beaches of Larmor-Plage:

The Lorient south Brittany tourist board on Larmor-Plage:

And there you go a nice beach town for a day or weekend soaking on the nice Breton sunshine and great bounties of the sea on site! Not to mention the nice pure air walks along the ocean, always nice. Hope you enjoy the beaches of Larmor Plage as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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