Port du Crouesty, a personal note!!!

I have written on the Port du Crouesty , part of the town of Arzon in the Rhuys peninsula on several previous posts in my blog. I have come here since moving into the area back in 2011, and had great family time over the years. Now coming back missing my dear late wife Martine is sad all nice memories that are worth reliving them again and again.

The reason I am writing again on the Port du Crouesty is because one of my former boss (CFO) from Paris had purchase a boat (30 meters! )and has it base here. He is kind enough for old times sake that each time in the area he calls me up to the boat.  This is an experience I could not refuse as grew up around boats and beaches when young boy and always nice memories. Therefore, I took responsibilities at home with my boys and came to the boat!! It was better than expected!

Port du Crouesty passerelle to J22 prom shops left jul21

Normally, we just had a lunch in the boat and get the ride around the marina from a boat owners preferable entries. However, this time he took me out to sea into the wonderful sublime Gulf of Morbihan. I really should not tell you about Port du Crouesty because several posts on it with all kind of information, just do search in my blog. This experience will be mostly visual with new pictures taken on the day; hope you enjoy them as I!

Port du Crouesty blue lagoon boat arriv back marina jul21

Port du Crouesty blue lagoon boat out marina to gulf jul21

However, could not resist, some sights previously mentioned in my blog but now new pictures. The first you notice when you enter the marina area before the boats is our favorite local store La Trinitaine branch here.

Port du Crouesty prom shops la trinitaine jul21

You can head over a bit and see our favorite ice cream parlor L’Igloo, branch here and in other beach towns in the area.

Port du Crouesty prom shops l igloo ice cream jul21

Not to missed the Capitainerie or harbormaster house which has a beautiful restaurant le Cargo we had enjoyed.

Port du Crouesty capitainerie from chanel BL boat jul21

Port du Crouesty capitainerie from chanel BL boat back jul21

You can really enjoy the Miramar La Cigale  Thalasso and Spa  a wonderful oasis of tranquility and well being, You see it on the right of the picture next to Fogeo beach!

Port du Crouesty blue lagoon boat to fogeo beach sailing club jul21

You should not leave the area without visiting the Cairns du Petit Mont, or the megaliths stones tumulus found here dating thousands of years!! This time saw from the channel going in to the marina! The stone of the little mound!

Port du Crouesty blue lagoon boat to cairn de petit mont jul21

And do come around the marina to see the Chapelle Notre Dame de Crouesty  (it was here in 565 that it was found the intact body of Saint Gildas). I saw this time from the channel to the marina! right side of picture.

Port du Crouesty chapelle ND de Crouesty ent marina jul21

I cannot leave this post without given credit and showing the work of the lifesavers volunteer corps of the SNSM all over France’s coasts/beaches,and at sea. They have taken the ashes of my mother Gladys and wife Martine out to sea burial from Honfleur, Normandie as we all will be. As the braves did!

Port du Crouesty SNSM boat at marina jul21

OF course, my usual webpages for a quick informative round into the marina of Port du Crouesty!

The city of Arzon on Port du Crouesty: https://www.arzon.fr/port-du-crouesty-compagnie-des-ports-du-morbihan/

The passeportescales or passport stops on the Port du Crouesty ,harbor information: https://www.passeportescales.com/fr/port-du-crouesty

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Port du Crouesty in French: https://www.golfedumorbihan.bzh/explorer-vannes/decouvrir-vannes/golfe-morbihan/presquile-rhuys/arzon/port-crouesty/

There you go folks, a nice time spent with good friend in a beautiful setting, Port du Crouesty. Of course, the boating need contact/friend but the rest is open to the public and it is very popular with locals and visitors alike so come early. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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