Summer heat at the La Cervoiserie!!!

And making stop on looking over older posts and reviving family memories I stumble today again by Vannes. My oldest was taking his first shot of the pfizer vaccine for the covid19 and doing some errands we went to one of our favorite watering hole!

The temp here has been very hot the last couple of days going up to 32C or about 90F, as I write it is still 30C or 86F this is hot even from an old beach bum well time does its toll…..And decided to quench our thirst somewhere nearby where we were.

We decided to go La Cervoiserie with Dad in tow! This store is at 53 Rue Théophraste Renaudot Zac Kerlann in Vannes. A beer joint with samples from the world over.  

vannes cervoiserie front jul21

La Cervoiserie began near La Rochelle in 2004 and now has more than 500 references of beers in stores of about 400 m2. They are gear to the « after works » or Happy Hour to from hours of 10h to 20h Mondays to Saturdays.  We have one and its very nice with good ambiance, many activities held like Oktoberfest etc. Here you can buy ,taste, share, and take home.

vannes cervoiserie floor jul21

We ordered a couple buckets of saucissons nature and sanglier (wild pigp and non alcoholic beer Bavaria for Dad and Lowenbraü German beer for me, my boys had different beers that I cannot recall lol!!! It really went well with the times outside! Reminder, they also serve wines!

vannes cervoiserie bar jul21

The official webpage of La Cervoiserie in Vannes:

We finished the day by going to get some caskets riding bikes types for their bike,checking on mobile phones, and I purchase a brand new computer at Boulanger, an ACER Aspire Intel I5. So we are loaded on Summer sales in France which in my area at least ends July 27th.

On our way home stop by the omnipresent boulangerie for our tradition baguettes and now cooling off at home and planning new trips into the Loire Valley! Stay tune folks…

We are been told the temps will go down by tomorrow to 25C so that will bearable and by next week will allow us to rent a saw machine to cut our hedge bushes in front garden (haies fr.)

Now drink plenty of water, be safe , enjoy your time on Earth and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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