Village de l’An Mil in Merland!!

I need to update this post with refreshing text as it something unique not far from me. It says the Village de l’An Mil in Merland. Literally, it means the town in the year 1000 and located in Merland. I think this is neat unique and hope you enjoy it as I.

And of course, there is always one major site or event that brings me out to these back woods of my  beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Bretagne in my belle France.  I have passed by this place many times and always intrigue by the name Village de l’An Mil or town of the year one thousand……so I put my car to good use and follow the signs to it in Melrand


Actually to get here by car is easy for me. Just go northwards on the road D768 past Baud and into the D142 to St Barthélemy, here you hit right on the town of Melrand and on its city center take direction Village de l’An Mil on the rural road D2 and we get there in about 32 minutes ;nice country ride up hills and vast flat farms all around you, the good life!

The Village de l’An Mil or village of the year 1000 is an archaeological site and a village-museum reconstructing the 11C habitat, located in Lann Gouh (the exact country site and village) in the town of Melrand . The archaeological site occupies an area of approximately 1.5 ha, on a plateau peaking at 112 meters above sea level. It is a deserted medieval village of seventeen buildings. The ruins, clearly visible and perfectly preserved, show only the walls of the houses, the hearths and the floors, delimiting circulation spaces or private courtyards. The houses are at most 11 meters long and 6 meters wide. The walls had an average height of 80 centimeters for a width of 60 centimeters. In local gray granite, they were very well built, an interior facing and an exterior facing enclosing an internal blocking of all comings.


In the center of the houses is the foyer, which is in the form of granite blocks drawing a circle, a rectangle or a square. The floors of the houses are very slight. They are therefore mixed houses, humans housed in the upper part when the animals are in the lower part. This configuration allows the heat of the animals to warm humans and to avoid the inhabitants from wading in the excrement. The living never having to go through the same door as a dead person, this door was only dismantled on the occasion of a death to take the unhappy out without the living having to suffer. Inside the buildings, a layer of granite arena restores the ground surface in order to differentiate it from the outside of the houses. The remains of a common bread oven, collapsed vault in a circle of about 3 meters in diameter in granite surmounted by a heap of earth, are still visible. This vault was in cob, mixture of very clay soil and crushed plants. Near the ruins, an experimental archaeological farm occupies ten hectares, presenting to the public the life of a medieval farm. The garden presents plants (medicinal, dye, vegetable) cultivated or harvested in the Middle Ages.



The Village de l’An Mil, particularly well preserved, was occupied between the 10C and the 14C. Some studies, however, make it possible to trace the occupation of the site to the 8C. The site was rediscovered in 1902 and was the subject of excavation campaigns from 1977 to 1992. The archaeological material discovered during these years amounted to a thousand of pieces, mainly shards of pottery. However, note the presence of fragments of earthenware cakes, pitchers, pots and pans, a fragment of a knife blade, several manual grindstones (standing and rotating), sharpening stones etc. The museum area opened in 1985 A threshing floor was built at the end of the 1990s. An area was dedicated to metalworking: quarry, forge fixed on the ground and low furnace reconstituted and used gave the experimenters the possibility of study the work of metallurgists in the Middle Ages.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The town of Merland on the Village:

The Centre of Morbihan tourist board on the Village:

The Bretagne tourist office on the Village:

A very interesting wooded backward area of my Morbihan, and off the beaten path par excellence. In Summer or warmer month will be super indeed. Remember, the inward town of Melrand and the wonderful Village de l’An Mil. Hope you have enjoy it

And remember, happy travel ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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