Santa Felicidade in Curitiba!!!

Now this is dandy memories of myself traveling and living in Curitiba as an expat for 3 months!!! Lots of memorable moments and keeping up with good friends over the years. I have all over Brazil really, but the experience at Curitiba is tops! Let me update this memorable neighborhood of Santa Felicidade in Curitiba! Hope you enjoy it as much as I.

And why not stay in Brazil as memories flash on my screen. Having visited the country south and north several times and having the opportunity to lived there has kept many nice souvenirs of the country. Of course, none more than the city of Curitiba where I lived.  And having the opportunity to stayed which could had change my life, but my wife was not for moving again so we stayed in France. And to my bragging I speak Portuguese, eu falo português!

I have several posts on Curitiba, this time will concentrate on one district, not the one I lived (Batel) ,but I was a regular there! This is Santa Felicidade, let me tell you a bit more on it.  The Santa Felicidade bus terminal is very well served by public transport that connects Santa Felicidade to several other neighborhoods in Curitiba., however my visits there were always by car, my own while living there!


Santa Felicidade is an administrative district of Curitiba, State of ParanàBrazil. The neighborhood emerged in 1878 with the arrival of immigrants descended from the first Italian colonizers of the 14C.  The neighborhood started on the old road that connected the Curitiba to the old north of the state, which today we know as Estrada do Cerne. In its historical formation, it received a large number of settlers from northern Italy, especially from the regions of Veneto and Trento. The immigrants initially devoted themselves to the production of cheeses, wines and vegetables.

The name of the neighborhood is a tribute to a former landowner in the region in the 19C, the Portuguese Dona Felicidade Borges, who donated part of her land to Italian immigrants. In 1891, given the strong religiosity of Italian immigrants, the São José Church was built in Santa Felicidade. In 1899, the first school was built. Some buildings from that time still exist in the region, such as Casa Culpi, Casa dos Arcos, Casa dos Gerânios and Casa das Pinturas.

Some things to see in Santa Felicidade, Curitiba are:

Bosque Italiano, also known as Bosque São Cristovão, (St Christopher forest) with 23,540 square meters, it houses the Italian Immigration Memorial, a tribute to the Italian immigrants who transformed the Santa Felicidade neighborhood into a gastronomic reference in Curitiba. The place has spaces for holding typical parties, tents, and a stage for presentations. Gorgeous area I love it!

Other nice architecture from this period are the Casa Culpi built by Giovanni Baptista Culpi in 1887 to be a dry and wet residence and commerce, Casa Culpi is known as a historic building and currently belongs to the Curitiba City Hall that transformed it into a Social Assistance Reference Center (Cras ).. The Casa dos Gerânios , also known as the Nona Carolina townhouse, Casa dos Gerânios was built in 1891 by Nicolau Boscardin who was one of the first residents of the region to stand out in the neighborhood. The townhouse became known as Casa dos Gerânios because the windows were decorated with herbs and geranium bushes.

The three main roads in the neighborhood are Avenida Manoel Ribas, Alderman Toaldo Tulio and Via Vêneto, where the traditional restaurants, the bus terminal and Rua da Cidadania are located respectively. Nowadays, Santa Felicidade is home to about 30 restaurants, some with a capacity for more than a thousand seating. It also has wineries (Vinhos Durigan!!), wine canteens, craft stores and wicker and reed furniture. Typical events such as the annual Polenta and Chicken Festival, at Bosque São Cristóvão, demonstrate the Italian culture traditions of Santa Felicidade.

The anecdote here is the local Brazilians held a dinner in honor of a top management person and I was to take this person to the dinner. Fearing that I might get lost, they were a bit worry at the table. However, I arrive on time no problems direct to the restaurant Famiglia Fadanelli in Santa Felicidade and as soon as I entered all stood up and applause me!! nice story, and memories forever!

A bit more on the Curitiba Parana page has more in portuguese on Santa Felicidade:

For info some webpages to glue this memorable post in my life

Vinhos Durigan:

Famiglia Fadanelli:

This is still a memorable soft spot on me and really would love to visit again, at least. Hopefully you too can visited or even already had , let me know. Hope you enjoy the post on Santa Felicidade.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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