The ramparts fortifications of Hennebont!

Not far from me and a wonderful town to walk around, beautiful architecture and a history to boot! This is Hennebont and this is my latest update of older posts. Thanks for following me along folks, appreciated. Hope you enjoy this post on beautiful ramparts fortifications of Hennebont!

And I am back at you on lovely close by Hennebont in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. So much beauty to see again no wonder is No 1 visited country in the world (UN-WTO) and since 1949! Let me bring you a bit closer to this nice town and its beauties, you can see my other posts on Hennebont as well in my blog.

You must see the ramparts, placed at the old fortification of the times of Duke Jean I (13C). Overcoming many wars such as the one of the succession of Brittany and the war of the league in 1590. The towers crown the corners at four cardinal points ,now only 3 remained, Tour St Nicolas (at south side), Tour des Carmes,(north east side), and the fortified porte or door at the east side, built before the 14C.  This last one, known as  Porte Broërec’h, the entry door to the enclosed city is flanked by two twins towers link by a bridge conserving the machinary of the raising bridge. A round walkway is seen on top of the towers whre great views of the city can be seen today.

La Porte Broêrec’h ,  is a defensive work to serve tower to tower the guards of the prison that it was  with room for the homeless and finally a museum; one of the richest in the department on the Breton Arts. Most of the rooms were destroyed on the Nazi bombardment of August 7 1944. today, the Tours Broêrec’h house in its ten rooms a museum of arts and traditions. Open from June 1st to 30 September from 10h30 -12h30 and  13h30 to 18h30. webpage:



This urban enclosure is a set of fortification elements built around the fortified town of Hennebont. It is raised from the last third of the 13C. These ramparts know several changes over the centuries: modernizations in the 14C, 16C and in the 20C. Preserved for nearly 900 meters, it is the second largest in the Morbihan.



A bit of history I like

In the 6C, the building of the first fortifications to control the passage of the Blavet river.  In the 11C a mound is reinforced by the Lords ofo Kemenet-Héboé on one located on the right bank of the Blavet river. Later in the 13C dismantling of the first feudal mound and construction of the current fortifications as a fortified town  by the order of Jean I Le Roux. In August 1264, mention of “lamote de Henbont” in an Act passed between Hervé de Léon and Pierre de Bretagne. It is on this occasion that prohibition is made for the descendants of the signatories to  do a fort castle at this place. After 1270, the Duke of Brittany Jean Le Roux dismantled the old feudal motte and built fortifications on the left bank of the Blavet river. By 1342 the city is besieged twice but without success, by Charles de Blois during the war of Succession of the Duchy of Brittany. In 1590, the Prince of Dombes tries to seize the city. This was resumed shortly thereafter by his rival, the Duke of Mercoeur. In the 14C  to the 16C, modernizations of the ramparts to adapt to the evolution of the canons.  On August 7, 1944, allied bombardment touches part of the ramparts.


Today, it is a place of walk by locals and visitors alike, very pleasant nice views indeed ,that we enjoy very much, it runs along the rue Trottier, bordered by beautiful landscaped spaces at the foot of the Tour de St. Nicolas. You can go back from the Blavet river to the fortified gate dating from the end of the 14C, the Porte Broërec’h, entrance to the walled city. It is a monumental door backed by two twin towers connected by a courting. There are still traces of the old drawbridge. To the northeast still remains the Tour des Carmes.  These vestiges show that Hennebont had a great military importance at the time.


Very nice pretty and historical ,not to say more of the architecture. This is Hennebont and here are some webpages to help you plan your trip here:

The city of Hennebont on its history in French:

The Lorient south Brittany tourist board on Hennebont

The Bretagne region tourist board on Hennebont

Indeed worth a detour and see my other posts on nice Hennebont. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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