Saint Philibert and the beaches!!!

So here I am still around my beaches in my Morbihan and updating older posts which as said have been a thrill to say the least. Let me bring you up to date on nice Saint Philibert as we come here for the beaches, the biscuits, oysters , and walk our dog Rex!  However, even if there are others, the main attraction here are the beaches! Pretty Saint Philibert and the beaches!!!

Ok so moving alone in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Brittany/Bretagne or Breizh (Breton language) I like to show you a bit more of the goodies and lovely beaches we have here now that the season is getting nearer and planning is a virtue!  I have a wonderful choice of beaches that I have briefly mentioned in my other posts but like to tell you a bit more on Saint Philibert.  The town is really, believe me, best known for its megaliths stones that abound in this area going back milleniums without still knowing exactly how they got here. However, seldom the beaches are mention and they are very nice. 

Saint-Philibert, is a  town  created in 1892 on territories that belonged to the town of Locmariaquer.   Here I come for my oysters and mussels.  It is part of the community of towns of the Trois Rivières . Saint-Philibert has a total area of 7 km2! The neighboring towns are La Trinité-sur-Mer, Crac’h, Locmariaquer, Le Bono, and Carnac. The big city closest to it is the capital Vannes at about 20 km away (about 12 miles). The closest train station to Saint-Philibert is in Auray at 11 km( about 7 miles) with direct service to Paris-Montparnasse on TGV.

At Saint Philibert you have more megalith stones, more religious buildings from Chapels to Churches and of course the beaches. These are some of the best in the area; and we love it. The architecture is modern spacious home of the good living of my belle France.

The  beach or plage de men er beleg is really nice ,secluded with nuts trees and good condominiums for rentals behind it.  In French you can see more of it on the plages tv webpage in French here:


And, after further loading here from the real thing, we continue to see the splendid beaches of Kernevest ; these are gorgeous and not far from the first one above. Toilet facilities and parking in the pines in a wild environment. Just what the doctor calls for relax you are in heavens.  The plage de Kernevest are just that, more in French on plages tv here:



It’s the main beach and lovely with families and young crowd as well but quiet and beautifully serene facing the ocean and to your right the entrance to the harbor of La Trinité sur Mer. More on the Bretagne region tourist board on the Kernevest beach

Another activity we enjoy here is oysters! some of the best in the world are right here!!


The City of Saint Philibert on its beaches

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Saint  Philibert

And there you go folks, another nice sublime gem of my lovely Morbihan to share with you.  And of course, pretty Saint Philibert. If in the area let me know; and why not come, this is great living by the sea. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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