A return visit to Lorient!

Well this is just about 35 km from my house and is the sub préfecture of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 and my lovely Bretagne. I have come here several times but taking advantage of the new freedom to ride more than 10 km we re visit Lorient. The things will be same but the pictures are from today May 2021! Hope you enjoy it as we did.

We set out as usual by car on the N165 get off at Lorient and follow panels Lorient Centre.  Then we park by a side street to the palais de Congres close to the pleasure marina more or less facing the shopping center Nayel. I have to say in order to change driving habits and making roads one way and reducing city center parking it is indeed a scare off tactics to come by car here. Before, was difficult now it is a laberinth of roads and hardly any parking close to the old center. So much for urban planning!

lorient Nayel cc front across square may21

We set up on foot to go around the big area around the old town which is not old as WWII did destroyed it all. The place Aristide Briand where the FNAC store (which my boys shop enormously!) is where the gare d’échanges for the bus terminal and the narrow streets full of shops and restos are vibrant always especially on Saturdays. The whole town is there it seems. We took a look of our usual spots.

lorient FNAC store pl aristide briand may21

We could not bypassed the favorite store of my dear late wife Martine,  Damart , where not only she purchase clothings and shoes but always pick up the gifts from the purchase such as more clothing, small cooking pressure pan in ceramics , towels, socks, table cloths you name it. Many nice souvenirs for us coming to shop , and of course now looking at it were very sentimental; it goes with the times of our lives now. For info the webpage: https://www.damart.fr/magasins/lorient

lorient Damart store souvenirs 7 rue Vauban may21

Then, right around the above we came over the city center where we just walk around, so again the wonderful Church Saint Louis (see post) at place Alsace Lorraine, near the wonderful shopping of the Galeries Lafayette.

lorient Galeries lafayette place Alsace Lorraine may21

On the way back , we passed one of our favorites libraries librarie au vents des mots at 7 rue du Port. The deco of the building is superb as the service inside. Gladly given the webpage here: https://www.auventdesmots.fr/

lorient librarie au vent des mots deco 7 rue du Port may21

We got to see the nice carrousel in Place Alsace Lorraine with a second big bus depot terminal and on the other side the beforementioned Church Saint Louis.

lorient pl alsace lorraine carrousel bus depot may21

Coming around the nice shopping mall Centre Commerciale Nayel we saw the nice big square where across we parked as well as a new resto O Tacos! as from 2007 the first French chain of tacos lol! They were showcasing a challenge to eat a tacos 2,5 kgs and if you do its free! Mind you this is about 5,5 lbs! pounds as in weight! I am talking now with my Mexican friend and want me to try it and send them a picture so will have to gain strenght to do it soon lol!! O Tacos webpage: https://o-tacos.com/en/menu

lorient Nayel cc front ent may21

lorient o tacos resto 2 ,5 kg giant nayel rue paul bert may21

There is always something in my lovely Bretagne and my beautiful Morbihan, the above place was packed as was lunch time and the high school students were out in force! Lorient is spread out big but newer buildings and parking is terrible will have to see when again to try that taco lol!!

The city of Lorient on its history: https://www.lorient.bzh/en/discover-lorient/

The Lorient south Bretagne tourist office on Lorienthttps://www.lorientbretagnesudtourisme.fr/fr/?lng=en

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist Board on Lorienthttp://www.morbihan-tourism.co.uk/home/discover/morbihan/the-main-destinations/lorient

Well there you go folks, a short nice ride out and stretching our wings for more in the coming days. Not bad after all Lorient for the first go, stay tune for more. Hope you enjoy this bit of extra and the newer pictures.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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