Porta Nigra in Trier!!!

And continuing in my update of older posts saga ,which have been enormously uplifting for me to review these wonderful travel experiences again! Thanks again to all of you for your following and encouragement over the years since 2010. I have to go out into something off the beaten path, I mean, Trier is very popular in Germany. I like to update for you and me something that strikes you as you enter Trier, the Porta Nigra!!

Sticking around lovely Germany , not a huge tourist destination probably for the lack of language translation in many places but nevertheless beautiful monuments to see. I have come here several times over the years business and pleasure. One of our favorite towns with the family has been Trier.  Let me tell you a bit more on the Porta Nigra of Trier or Black Gate! It is awesome sight indeed! Not to be surprise as Trier is considered the oldest town in Germany! and a huge University town now! For the Francophiles Trier is Tréves in French.


The Porta Nigra (Black Gate) is a Roman-era fortified gate located in Trier. This gate is built in concrete blocks that are assembled without concrete. An emblematic monument of the city of Trier, it is one of the oldest city gates of Germany. And it leads you right into city center with all shops and restos galore!!!


A bit of history I like

This monumental gate was built during the winter of 169-170 ,as the northern entrance door of the town of Augusta Treverorum, capital of the Celtic tribe of the Treveri, which became Trier. Its name comes from the dark color of the stone, due to the patina of centuries; this color is attested from the Middle Ages.

The Greek monk Simeon came to settle as a hermit in the monument around the year 1028 and was probably cloistered there. After his death in 1035, he went down to the ground floor and canonized. A sanctuary is built in his honour and the Porta Nigra was used as a two-level church, whose apse is still visible on the eastern part of the monument.


In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte destroyed the church and the sanctuary (as usual by him) . In 1804, during his visit in Trier, he decided to eliminate also the other additions, which allows to restore the aspect of the Roman construction.

The Porta Nigra is impressive to see its beauty and this old right in the middle of town. Some of the stone blocks weights 6 tons , and admission to the top is 3€ last check.


The Trier tourist office on the Porta Nigrahttps://www.trier-info.de/en/places-of-interest/porta-nigra

The Arts Heritage of the Rheinland Pfalz region on the Porta Nigrahttp://www.zentrum-der-antike.de/monumente/porta-nigra/die-porta-nigra.html

Hope you enjoy it, one of the nice sights of lovely Trier as said , great town worth a visit. Enjoy the Porta Nigra!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. What a fabulous piece of history,

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  2. Trier is great for a day trip!

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  3. Wow!!! 🌹🌹 Good night

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  4. It’s a fabulous structure isn’t it. Trier is a lovely town…

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