A long trip to the Philippines!!!

Ok so I went down to my vault of older posts and found this one. It brings lots of good memories so will update/revise links for you and me now. However, for memories sake will keep the old pictures with the post. Again, what a thrill to do these older posts and come to beautiful moments in my life. Thank you for following along with me and hope you enjoy as much as I. Let me tell you about a long trip to the Philippines!!!

Let me tell you about the airports on one of my many trips to the Philippines which was full of anecdotes on a trouble strike times in my belle France. I decided to do this trip in my blog by sections rather than the whole story. Bear with me trying to be creative lol!

My airport for the last few years have been the Nantes Atlantique normally call the Nantes airport even if it is in the city limits of Bouguenais in the department 44 of Loire Atlantique in the region of Pays de la Loire. Yes old Brittany and the closest major airport from me.

I needed to go earlier than usual due to the strike of the yellow jackets or gilets jaunes going on in France nowdays blocking the roads to ask the government to bring back the taxes on fuel/gasolines that are very high even by French standard ! The fight will be long and planning many days of demonstration road snail traffic and block of main roads. I left home by 4h to avoid the blocking which knew from social media was to begin at 6h, done deal easy in to my covered parking at Nantes!



The airport has a terminal consisting of three main parts called Hall 1, 2, 3. A fourth part, Hall 4, was added with a lighter architecture, initially dedicated to the regional subsidiary of Air France, before hosting more generally regional flights with small modules. A gradual optimization of airport facilities starting from 2020, with a three-stage phase of work up to 2035, including the extension of the tramway to the airport. As a consequence of the abandon of the airport project of Notre Dames des Landes. Due to the virus this has been slow down. This webpage will you and me an advance notice of the renovations which will last to 2025. https://www.reamenagement-nantes-atlantique.fr/comprendre-le-projet/calendrier-et-cout-du-projet

Is growing but still a wonderful small airport easy in and out and great parking facilities. From here most of the time fly out with Air France, sometimes HOP and less Vueling , Air Europa or Iberia. The official webpage for the Nantes Atlantique airport: https://www.nantes.aeroport.fr/fr

And as I got earlier than usual here, had time to enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the nice le Grand Comptoir restaurant at second level by security entrance and gates. I had the menu du jour filet mignon in mushroom sauce with a glass of Cheverny red wine, and coffee just nice for 22€. This has been closed due to the renovations do not know if reopen, here for the memories.


From Nantes, I flew all over even north to Amsterdam or south to Madrid for connections but most of the times to Paris CDG.  The landing here is always on Terminal 2 F from Nantes and going but this time needed to go to Terminal 2 A by bus, easy. As had used it before and plenty in my blog just you tell you is very easy but huge and can be overwhelming for new visitors or not used to big airports.  From Orly done flights out of the  Paris region. I have a post explaining it all.   And of course, had to have my Starbucks coffee in T2A before the passerelle to my gate A37 and HKG. (Hong Kong airport).




Then, have a previous post on those connecting airports of mine for the last few years.  This time went by Hong Kong again and very tight needed to ask assistance with Cathay Pacific airline which were wonderful to take me to the gate lol!  It is a nice airport mind you but as always in these tight budget travels the connection are very tight and no time to see much in them. The HKG airport webpage: https://www.hongkongairport.com/



I ,then continue into Cebu Mactan International airport, Philippines. Here I have been a couple times already so it was easy in addition to always been waited for, the trip back to the hotels is always by car and pleasant company. The Cebu Mactan airport webpage: https://mactancebuairport.com/



Well, this is not over as was needed to see other parts of the Philippines; so went back to Manila Nino Aquino International airport of which have previosly visited and it is a rather big nice airport with all facilities as well. the official Manila airport webpage: https://www.miaa.gov.ph/miaa/


Again, traveling in the island nation of the Philippines, went this time to a new airport that of Cauayan in the province of Isabela north of Manila. They tell me by bus or car is about 12-14 hrs from Manila but by plane was only 2! Again flying internally on Cebu Pacific airline which as routine was always late! The airport is very small and limited facilities just a big runway to accommodate island travel and visit the caves which are famous here and attract some tourists from abroad. The airport was recently reopen (nov 2nd) after suffering heavy damage from storm Rosita.  A bit of info on the Cauayan airport (CYZ) on flightconnections webpage: https://www.flightconnections.com/flights-from-cauayan-isabela-cyz


And the trip back was very loong and even more delays at Cauayan airport , the flight with Cebu Pacific was delayed 3 hours (the longest delay ever for me, there is always a first), been lucky in the past but….I needed to go thru Manila airport and from there Philippines airlines to Cebu airport ,where just stayed at the airport for the connection domestic to international and my flight back home!



So the return home was from Cebu airport passing again by Hong Kong airport this time with a bit more time no assistance needed but not enough time to look around yikes! and from HKG to Paris CDG T2A all using Cathay Pacific again, rather nice service and on time. At Paris CDG took again my Air France from T2F to Nantes arriving on time.

However, the gilets jaunes were still on strike. The leaving the airport was easy but just at the junction with the N165 roundabout the barriers were beginning to be put up for a block, just barely past them. Arriving by Vannes, the snail traffic blocks were going on by the city center exit ,however, took the direction Rennes N166 to go around my job and cut back into the smaller departamental roads and towns to avoid all blocks. The blocks were there in Vannes all over and on the N165! Got home safe and sound and quick, you just need to know your alternative routes always!

Hope you enjoy my latest round of airports and my latest on the Philippines.  Always memorable trips looking forward to repeat when possible.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

6 Comments to “A long trip to the Philippines!!!”

  1. Hello again, my friend.
    You liked NAIA? Unbelievable, you must be the only person in the world that does as it is regularly voted worst international airport in the world and it is certainly the worst I have ever had the misfortune to be in! You say this post is one from the vaults, how long ago were you there. I visited in 2012 and it was awful. I am glad you had a good experience though.
    I see you went to Cebu. I was invited there by some bikers I met on Negros but never got round to it for various reasons. I think I should have done as I believe it is beautiful. Where else did you go, I see you have been there many times. I always wanted to go back but it looks like I will never have the chance now, I think my days of long-haul travelling have been ended forever by this damned virus.
    As you have been in the vaults, will you be resurrecting some more posts about that wonderful country, I would love to read them?


  2. Interesting blog there. May I suggest that next time you come to our native Philippines, try doing a food-and-beverage tour. In the Alabang area of Muntinlupa City, there are some very interesting restaurants, bars and coffee shops to visit and blog about.

    Liked by 1 person

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