Bignan in the Morbihan!!

And this is for a change inland Morbihan in a beautiful natural setting at Bignan near me.  This is an update of an older post. We first came here looking for a castle we did ,and came back for more in town. A different look at my lovely Bretagne and my belle France! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Well, normally Sundays are quiet days around here and we followed too. We are always finding places to go and do. There was a big event at the Domaine de Kerguehennec (see post) ,and we decided to go there and passed by the town of Bignan. This is sort of an introduction to the town, see my several posts on it for the sights.

The town of Bignan as said is located in the Morbihan department 56 of Bretagne. The Domaine (castle) of Kerguéhennec , sometimes dubbed the “Versailles Breton”, is one of the most visited places in the town. The town rests on the moors of Lanvaux (forest). Bignan is located between the towns of Locminé and Saint-Jean-Brévelay., and is only half an hour from the main cities such as the capital Vannes, at  25 minutes , sub capital  Lorient 30 mins. I am about 25 minutes from it. The best way for visitors is to come from Rennes take the N24 to exit with the D181 road direction Bignan city center, there panels will tell you the different sights to see. From Vannes take the D767 direction Locminé to the D115 at Colpo and then the D150 to Bignan. There is no train /bus stations. Of course, I took the back roads even the D1 and D16 in the country.

The bit of history I like is short for a village town simply Bignan was a very active center of Chouannerie from 1794 by the action of Pierre Guillemot, called “The King of Bignan”, Lieutenant of General Georges Cadoudal. All leading figures in the fight against the French revolution and re establishment of the monarchy in France but especially in Bretagne. The Domaine of Kerguéhennec, sometimes nicknamed the “Versailles Breton”, served as a warehouse for the Chouans to subtract the crops from the law of requisition of grains applied by the Republican govt. administration.

Things to see here are

Château de Beaulieu ,19C, covered alley and dolmen of Kergonfalz, the fountain of Saint Eloi, A Cross in city center from the 16C, and the Cross of Treuliec from the 17C, the Chapel of Sainte Noyale and fountain of Sainte Nolwenn, the farm of Pierre Guillemot at Kerdel commune of Bignan. The most famous of it all the Domaine de Kerguehennec now a center of contemporary arts in the Castle of the 18C , a park and arboretum with great picnic areas. 42 calvaries in and around the town from simple Cross to Monumental in size. In a couple there is an inscription I translate as , “The stone will be used, the Cross will stay, and the sons of Bignan will not surrender” (evidence of the fierce resistance to the French revolution and its reign of terror. And the Church St Peter and St Paul (see post).

I remind you here of the main thing to see here the Domaine de Kerguehennec

The Center Morbihan area tourist office on Bignan

The town of Bignan on its heritage

A bit of detour and fall right into a very true history of France ,in just a small town in the Morbihan Breton, love it as a history buffs or lover or enthusiast or just plain history nuts. Remember the name, Bignan!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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