Chic Trouville sur Mer!!

This another of the Norman riviera town very chic nice and great beaches for a nice summer resort. We came here first on our road warrior trips between Honfleur and Deauville and found Trouville sur Mer very nice. Let me tell you a bit more on chic Trouville sur Mer!

We had some extra time in the area , and decided to come to the nearby town of Trouville sur Mer in dept Calvados 14 region of Normandy. I have passed by it several times but never really got into it as heard was a bit glitzy. This time we went in with the extra time and marvel of another jewel of Normandy and France even if still glitzy.


A bit of history I like

The rise of the seaside resort of Trouville sur Mer , began in the 19C with the fashion of sea bathing, is surely due to its attendance by a small group of painters: Charles Mozin; The “discoverer of Trouville” in 1825 , Paul Huet, A. G. Decamps and his pupil Louis Godefroy Jadin, Eugène Isabey, Corot, whose Musée d’Orsay provides at least one proof  Trouville fishing boats stranded in the channel and also Eugene Boudin. The writer Alphonse Karr also contributed to his fame. King of the French, Louis-Philippe also helped the launch of Trouville, which he opposed to Dieppe the legitimate side of monarchy, and it was from this station that he tried to leave for England during the revolution of 1848. Gustave Flaubert met with Elisa Schlésinger during the summer of 1836. Dubbed the “Queen of Beaches”, this grand bourse resort according to a ranking of guides Joanne is soon challenged by Deauville (see post). Alexandre Dumas talked about it in his memoirs.


Some of the things to see here  other than the beach are:

The Hôtel des Roches Noires (Black Rocks Hotel). Former palace inaugurated in 1866, whose entrance hall was decorated by Robert Mallet-Stevens. The hotel was painted by Claude Monet in 1870 and was the resort of Marcel Proust and Marguerite Duras.  The Villa Montebello built in 1865; now hosts the museum of the city. The Church Notre Dame du Bon-Secours. The Casino with the Lousiana theme ,first casino with this décor in Europe, build in 1912.


However, for us , the beach was it, large extensive white sandy beach with huge assortment of fun things to do for all the family and a beautiful swimming pool complex right on the beach.  It is recommended for all families even if a bit glitzy, upper scale beach town is really open to all pricewise I meant.



I figure the best combination is to be here at daytime for the beach, and then go about 14 km down along the D513 road to Honfleur (see posts)  for the evening dining and sightseeing activities. Food for thought…..There is so much to see in my belle France!! My friends and family asked me but I tell them not enough time in my lifetime to see it all, just enjoy the bit I have so far, which is not too shabby ok ::)  We are even thinking of coming back in quieter times and just marvel of the scenery.


The Trouville sur Mer tourist office

The city of Trouville sur Mer on tourism

My fav beach webpage in France, plages tv on the beach of Trouville sur Mer:

Enjoy the short post and introduction on Trouville sur Mer together with me. And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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