Our ride and lodging in Toulouse!

This is an oddity I like to update in my blog. We do not like to go south in winter but this year we did and it was a nice experience. We went to very familiar territory in our beloved Toulouse of family trips to see family. The ride went well as we always come by car unless me a couple of times by train on business trips. Let me tell you a bit about our ride and lodging in Toulouse!

Well , in another era of our lives we were there alone missing my dear late wife Martine as a sort of a grand start to 2020 for us. The pink city is very special as not only visited several times over the years but family roots on wife’s father’s side.  We decided to take the tolls road this time so we can arrive early on and see as much as possible. We rented an appart hotel Adagio Jolimont with the metro stop Jolimont line A right down the stairs. We end up never using it lol, drove into the city and also walk over 2 kms!


We drove on the N165 towards Nantes and then took the A83 and then the A10 to Bordeaux rocade A630 and finally the A62 to Toulouse, in all 49,40€ in tolls nice gov tax! but made it in 7h15 hours.  We check in easily into the Adagio Jolimont appart hotel on the top floor! nice views of the city from the pretty hill or Jolimont... Very friendly staff . Only complaint is the elevator/lift was not in service when arrive so need to climb the 6 floors for two days! Also, the free parking was off site but was never a problem to find a spot. The rest was superb and well recommended for families not willing to spent the vacation money on lodging.



As said we walk a lot from here into the city center of  Toulouse and the sight seeings was ok but realise later on the traffic was great and easy on street parking as well as underground was found. You can see the posts on the sights with lots of picture just search Toulouse. On the way back we decided to go the free route 10 hours ! but worth it for the sights and friendly folks along the route, our preferred mode of transportation ,the car and free!

We left Jolimont Toulouse on the A62 exit 15 towards the D820 direction Montauban/Agen and kept on this road for a long time.  If you drove in France , you can remember this route as the old N20 , each departement decided to rename it after the new road rules of 2005. This road can be toll under the new A20. We have taken all of them over the years. The parts of the A20 we took are not toll ::).  You go here by the Hautes Garonne, Tarn et Garonne and Lot departements in the Occitanie region. We continue into the Corréze and Haute-Vienne in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.  By Limoges you go into the N147 national road direction Poitiers. Here you take also the N149 to Bressuire and converges with the N249 around Cholet direction Nantes and it connects with the boulevard périphérique on the N844, and finally connects with the N165 Vannes and home!


In all we carry our dog Rex for the longest ride and he was fantastic!!! very happy of him, good boy, not an incident and well behave: even ate at restaurants with us perfectly!!! The highlight of the trip really! I love my Rex, borador, mix border collier and labrador!  The apparhotel and restaurant we wanted to eat all took Rex in very nicely.


Overall a very pleasant family trip! This time with mamà missing and walking its streets brought a lot of memories. Looking forward to tell you all about it,see my other posts . Hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading me over the years!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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