The streets of Toulouse!!!

So on my winter vacation to the pink city of Toulouse as elsewhere we really enjoy the walks in town. So much architecture and history can be found doing this in any city and Toulouse is no exception. Let me update this lovely post me think on the streets of Toulouse!

A wonderful city, much underrated but very special to  me.  I like to tell you about its streets and sights passing by in our glorious walks all over it.  Toulouse it’s really a walkers city as most if not all is within walking distance already as we have become European experts on walking. Some spots can be far for the un initiated ones but I say easy to do, so enjoy the walking on the streets of Toulouse.

I start right off with the Allées Jean Jaurés who goes from the Garonne river to the city center with great panoramic views of the city.


The Place Wilson as commonly call by locals but full name is  place du Président-Thomas-Wilson (USA). This is one of the IN places in town very lively all the time.


And one of the most shopping oriented streets in Toulouse is the Rue Lafayette right off the Capitole!


I used it a couple of times as mostly come here by car but a very good prime train station in France, the Gare Matabiau (back) and the metro tram bus terminal of Marengo by the library or Mediathéque José Cabanis.



And of course could not missed out on driving in Toulouse for convenience like coming into town find yourself a nice underground parking like at Place Esquirol and let your feet do the walking!! Enjoy Toulouse!


 This is unique Toulouse, a highly recommended city to visit in my belle France, unique Occitanie or Midi-Pyrénnés of old. Department 31 Haute-Garonne!! Enjoy it as we do!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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