Chateau de Keravéon at Erdeven!!

So yes we have castles in Bretagne, plenty of them; of course not all still doing its function but  nevertheless impressive properties. In my road warrior tours of my Morbihan dept 56 , I have visited Erdeven several times and see posts in my blog. However, this time went to see a castle or the Château de Keravéon at Erdeven! updating my series of older posts from 2018 in my blog, hope you enjoy the post!


On Sunday, rest day, families here tend to stay close to home or in home. We have seen this tradition more and more broken as Sunday has become a day to go out, and more and more places are open. Is a gradual push towards the modern times, good or bad , do not know.  We are having a heat wave in France and even if Bretagne takes the low end of the readings it is still hot. Therefore, we seek places to go out.  As it is the case often, we live in the most visited country in the world, for a good reason me think, and there are so many places to see. I am sure it will take more than a lifetime for me to see all. However, I am trying harder. Today was such a day to see something new. We decided to take our dog Rex with us for a walk and get him used to the car. So funny he goes to the front door but won’t go in, need some extra effort to get him inside. Once inside, he is settled down and ok for the ride. He has since do it automatically!


So after some quick look at our tourism guide for the Morbihan, I pick up a place we have not been even if driving just by it off the main road. We went for a walk to the park and gardens of the Chateau de Keravéon! yes a castle. In the town limits of Erdeven along the D105 , D22 roads from Auray, passing the town of Ploemel and see the Rue de Keravéon on your right side there is a sign post.  20-hectare landscaped park, comprising 3 water bodies, a health course and 2 playgrounds for children. Stylized entrance door, inner enclosure. There are gites rental that were before the old stables and a castle now part of a apart hotel chain Odalys, luxury rental.


The park of the Château de Keravéon conceals natural wonders: 57 Essences of trees are there. You will find them on the map located at the entrance of the park. All along the paths, the trees and their origins are indicated by landmarks posts.  A small, unsung corner of the park, the Isle of Love is accessible by a small wooden bridge. For sportsmens, the park is home to a health course while the children can have fun on an area of playground for the 2-12 years old (under adult supervision).  With family or friends, you will find picnic tables! They are available on the other side of the enclosure wall.



A bit of the modern history so to speak that I like.

The Château de Keravéon original from the 9C, enlarged in the 17C and rebuilt in the 19C. The ruins of the old fortified mansion are still visible at the level of an enclosure wall. Siege of an ancient seigneury of the name of Keravéon , quoted from 1275 and owned by Guillaume de Talhouët. Owned by Pierre de Talhouët in 1350. The part of the castle built in the 17C is probably the work of Georges-René de Talhouët. This castle then became the property of the Coislin-Cambout family (whose last Marquis was executed in 1795 by the French revolutionaries, the Botdéru family, and then the Viscount of Soussay in 1847. It serves as a headquarters of Gen Hoche in 1795, then is burned by the French revolutionaries. It was bought in 1798 by Adelaide de Coislin du Botdéru, who rebuilt the castle. The current castle, top of five floors with its tower, is a 19C building. The House of Guards was acquired by the town of Erdeven in 1981 after the death of the last squire, the Viscount of Soussay in 1979. The whole has been transformed into luxury hotels and lodgings. The castle once had a dovecote, a triple enclosure with moats and Bartizans, a monumental entrance flanked by two large towers, and a House of the Guard in carved granite. The portal and the dovecote date, like the building’s low construction, from the 17C.


The last occupant was the Viscount of Soussay, after studying as an agronomist, settled in the family chateau in 1937. He was elected mayor from 1945 to 1962, with great ambitions for his town; like the creation of a port for example, since Erdeven is just at the entrance of the ria of Etel  (river and sea meets) .He resigned his mandate since he was disavowed in this project.  During the Nazi occupation, the coastal situation of Erdeven caused the castle to be requisitioned by the Nazi staff. Thus the Viscount had access to information which he discreetly transmitted to the resistance. .

The Château de Keravéon enjoyed various fortunes. Having no direct heirs, it was sold. Several owners have succeeds the dependencies and the park, with its walls of stone enclosures, have become the property of the town. You will discover a wooded area of about 20 hectares, an arboretum, a meadow and several pieces of water (with a small island). Be aware that the park, open to all, is very pleasant during the Summer heats (yes indeed!) , it is an ideal lung of air for the stroll, in the middle of the trees more than 100 years old, whether it is sporty or contemplative walks.



During the landing of the emigrants Bretons in Quiberon, in 1795 (and waiting for English help that never came) , General Louis Lazare-Hoche (native of Versailles ) obstructed the nobles who were supported by the Chouans (local farmers against the French revolution). His headquarters was installed in the Castle , and the General won the battle, and the defeated were taken prisoner and locked in part in the Orangerie of the castle. Future owners found signatures of nobles on the walls. The visit of the Orangerie will also discover the history of the castle. To visit needs to be organized by the tourist office as it close to the general public, it is now a luxury hotel

More information on the castle hotel property and the gites lodging rooms in the park and in or next to the castle.  The Château de Keravéon once belonged to the Géraud-Diamedo family who had turned it into a luxury hotel (Odalys).

The official Odalys property webpage on the castle:

The city of Erdeven on the rentals gîtes of Keravéon:

The tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on Erdeven things to do/see:

There you go now you know as well as us. A nice place to spent an afternoon with the family or using it as a bike walk reprise after a day at the beach nearby. Of course , if you have the wonderful idea of staying here the gites are reasonable and nice; the hotel  castle  well is a luxury chain, see the prices ::)

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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