You know the Vendée, Noirmoutier island, part III !

We went into the islands off the continental France , hugely popular and lovely; it was like been born again for me! I like to update this posts from 2017 with links,text using same pictures. There are several posts on the island and a lot more pictures in my blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I ! This one is Ïle de Noirmoutier , part III !

Continuing the saga of my visit to the island of Noirmoutier , this is as seen the 3rd episode!

Easy to get to Noirmoutier, south of Nantes and from there take the bus 13 , that is from the Nantes train station if coming by the airport take the airport shuttle bus for 9€ to the train station then the bus 13 to Noirmoustier. By road from Nantes along the D723 direction Bouguenais ,then sucessives roads D751, D758 , D22 direction of the D38 La Guérinière turn off in traffic circle to Noirmoustier. For the benefit of those in public transports here is the bus 13 route:

The island is ideal to walk and take a bike as well, nice views and beautiful seashores. On this posting I would like to talk about the island of butterflies or île aux papillons!


This is very educational for the whole family right out of Noirmoustier direction La Guériniére on  the road D948 past the Intermarché supermarket take a right and see the signs for it. Open April,May,and September ;Mondays to Fridays from 14h to 19h and June,July, and August every day from 10h to 19h30. Admission is 9.10€ adult. Free parking and picnic area available.

The enclosed garden is kept at 26C or about 79F and see hundreds of butterflies from Guyana, Kenya, Madagascar, Costa Rica, and the Philippines!  You will see the stand where they are born and kept until able to fly almost a 1000 of them.  This is claim to be the largest butterfly greenhouse in France.




There is an AC room showing a film on the life of the butterfly, as well as a boutique with souvenirs of the butterfly world and refreshments. The greenhouse has many plants attractive to butterflies such as banana trees and ponds ,one with red fish in it ,rather big lol! You ,also ,will see a section on the back with quails of China these are small chicken like animals very delicious but here they look cute ::)



The tourist office of île de Noirmoutier on the butterfly island gardens in English:

The official webpage of the Île aux Papillons :

A nice family experience and something to do after a beach day I would say.  Families with kids under 15 will enjoy it most me think. Ours are young men so it was a quick tour.

Enjoy the Noirmoutier island living it is best and of course when in France oh là là là là là and là là!!! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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