You know the Vendée, Noirmoutier island, part II !

We went into the islands off the continental France , hugely popular and lovely; it was like been born again for me! I like to update this posts from 2017 with links,text using same pictures. There are several posts on the island and a lot more pictures in my blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I ! This one is Ïle de Noirmoutier , part II !

Ok so now taking over from my personal trip to the Vendée , the continuation of the visit to Noirmoutier-en-île. As in Part II or 2.

 It was the leisure walk on the town knowing that this is an island that is only 18 km long by a width that goes from 500 meters to 12 km for a total area of 49 km 2. Ok if my non metric background tells me correctly this is about 11 miles long by from 800 feet to 7 miles for a total area of 19 square miles.  So the water is all around you , and the architecture resembles more of a Spanish white town of Andalucía than all the way north in the Vendée of France.

The digue or dam all along the canal into the harbor area is lovely and nice plaques announcing historical events abound. This was done by Jean Corneille Jacobsen starting from 1818.  This took an area of about 59 hectares or 146 acres.



There is a lovely square Place Saint Louis where the nice restaurants we ate in one, and lovely architecture. There is a pretty Carrousel ride on the square or Place de la République at Noirmoutier which is grand as there is also a covered market there.


You have a beautiful harbor with the dams as explain in English at the tourist office site. The port is split in two and separated by the Place d’Armes (where the castle is located) : Quai Cassard, named after the ship’s captain, and Quai Jean Bart, descendant of the Jacobsen family, both seafarers at the end of the 17C.


At the harbor and the market you can find the very best from the region and especially the fish and seafood is fresh and abundant beautifully displayed in the stands.More on this culinary discovery which sure will take us back is here in English, webpage:



The tourist office of Noirmoutier island in English:

In all a wonderful time in a pretty island off the mainland of the Vendée or Poitou of France; my belle France! Enjoy it as I do everyday! The Île de Noirmoutier is one to come back and just relax around it!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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