Vannes worth the stop in the Morbihan!!!

And back to my black and white series and my capital city of Vannes in the Morbihan Breton 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France. Of course, have written a lot on this wonderful town and this is updating one from the vaults. Hope you enjoy it as I do.

It was one of the multiple times, the family came to our capital city of Vannes. Do not get me wrong, I just don’t just come to Vannes alone, it is just so much fun for all of us. Of course, I work in the city so visit everyday but not with the family.

Vannes is unique that been with only about 55K inhabitants and about 13K university students is the city of the region. All is here, anything just like any big city in France.

Of course, we could not come here without stopping by the Cathédrale Saint Pierre, and basilica minor of the Roman Catholic Church, guarding the remains since 1419 of Father Vicente Ferrier who evangilise the area coming from Valencia , Spain. Now Saint Vincent Ferrier. You can even see a small statue of him in a window square against the walls of a house in the square or place Valencia where he lived.

We marvel of the Château Gaillard, now the museum of Archeology and History of Vannes, wonderful old castle all around is old, intact.  Another must, to walk along the ramparts, old castle in ruins, and the wonderful towers like tour Connetable and Prison, and Joliette. The moats and laundry or lavoirs of old, all beautifully done in spring fever, see those wonderful gardens of the Garenne.

Go Inside the covered market or marché couvert at pl des Lices, and see the wonderful produce, fish, meats, veggies, fruits, honeys, cheeses, you name it from local produce the best to you ,real French, what I came here for!!!! dynamite.

See the history before you as Vannes is the birthplace of Saint Emilion, yes , you got it the hermit that gave fame to a wine and a town in the Gironde down South!!! See it at the Courtine de la tour Joliette. Walk enjoy this wonderful town, full of shops over 700 of them all over the old city you find all,and nice, exhuberant old and nice nice….. Walk the short street of rue de la Bienfaisance, at No 3 before 1791 lived 3 duchesses of Brittany!!!! Isabeau d’Ecosse (Isabella of Scotland) , Françoise d’Amboise, and Catherine de Luxembourg.

We indulge ourselves in a nice small cup of chocolate fraisier of Alain Chartier chocolates, at pl des Lices. Master chocolatier and ice cream maker with store and school. webpage:

Last but not least, we had to eat. So having been with friends to these joint, decided to bring the family this time. Saint-Exupéry is a brasserie/créperie at 14 rue des Halles, old area, nice buildings and shops all around you,and you can come in with terrace as we did by 8 Rue des Orfévres sitting in a nice square. Here we had the menu du jour for 11,20€ includes plat and dessert and drink but we had beer Affligem so opted out of the house wine. 3,30€ for the beer. galette of cheese, tomato ratatouille, and bacon; dessert was a crêpe framboise, and we added coffee for 1,60€ each. Service was fast and friendly , glad to find it in the old town. Facebook page:

And another wonderful day in Vannes went by and we were happier for the visit once again. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading along the places dear to me in my blog.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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