Vannes and Saint Patern!!!

Ok so here I was in my beloved Vannes as you know already reading my blog; which I thank you. And was in the Saint Patern district as was going to celebrate my birthday with my father and boys.

The oldest church in town deserves more than just stopping by.  Even if my bad luck each time by it has been closed! I  look up the belltower and remind myself of this bad luck. And went for it to see if it was open. Well ,finally surprise!! it was open!! Even if forgot my mask which is required to go into these buildings and needed to take quick photos… Let me tell you a bit more as plenty written on it already, of the Church of Saint Patern.

Sure done posts but this is new text and photos and I will like to tell you a bit more of a wonderful neighborhood we love and the Church of Saint Patern of Vannes. Bien sûr in the Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne!

vannes rue de la fontaine to ramparts et ch St Patern left sep20

I will keep the text to a bare minimum as already recently did a post on the St Patern Church, on August 27 2020! The above is the belltower of the church on Rue de la Fontaine going down to the ramparts of Vannes.

Let me give you the new photos here

vannes ch St Patern nave to altar and pulpit sep20

vannes ch St Patern left side wall sep20

vannes ch St Patern right side wall sep20

vannes ch St Patern chapel virgin ent right sep20

Vannes ch St Patern chapel baptismal font left side sep20

And there you go , I feel now given you the whole story on this wonderful old Church of Saint Patern. Which of course ,I will be back again. Hope you enjoy the architectural and historical presentation that I have done in the past and the new photos here. It is worth your detour not only for the church but the district one of the nicest seen, in fact many here call it the Montmartre of Vannes: Saint Patern district!!

Just for reference for those looking at only this post, here are webpages to help you visit the Church of Saint Patern

The Parish of Saint Patern Vannes on the church:

The city of Vannes on the church:

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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