Vannes and its curiosities!!!

And why not bring you back live to my beloved capital city of Vannes. This is perhaps where I spent as much or maybe more time than in my domicile town. Not only worked in its outskirts and go in for quick trips and meals, but the family comes here on every break and weekends. Vannes or Gwened (Breton) is in my beautiful Morbihan (Breton for Petite Mer or small sea) dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne or Breizh (Breton) and in my belle France.

Let me tell you some items sometimes mentioned in previous posts but with new text and photos to show you my Vannes ,again.

The Rue de la Fontaine is in the St Patern district. It starts at the Bd de la Paix and ends at the Rue Saint Patern / Rue Saint Nicolas. Saint-Patern is the Montmartre of Vannes! It is a small village where everyone is very friendly and hospitable. The merchants seems to me they get along well and help each other with referrals as all are complementary. There is really a beautiful historical part of Vannes and Saint-Patern with its village ambiance is tops.

vannes rue de la fontaine le gavroche, et St Patern church sep20

It is here at the site of the ancient Darioritum, Saint-Patern which contains many remains in its soil, is the oldest district of Vannes. Around the Church Saint Patern developed, in the Middle Ages and in modern times, a very active district. Tanners, craftsmen, traders live in the half-timbered houses that can still be admired today on rue de La Fontaine. Hostels welcomed travelers from Nantes or Rennes.

vannes rue de la fontaine to bd de la paix sep20

One example I always look up is at 1 rue de la Fontaine. The house dating back to the 1st half of the 16C according to the type of molding applied and the trace of the primitive windows. The shape of its fireplace, the spiral staircase and the roof frame confirm this dating. The house is mentioned in 1677 in the archives of the Reformation as belonging to Gabriel Morandeau, saddler, who acquired it from Pierre Le Vacher in 1667 and sold it in 1683 to Jacques Hulcoq. it occupies a hollow tooth in the plot of the suburb. The house has a massed plan with gable on street, built in half-timbered on a stone base without side walls. The building is composed of one room per level served by a wooden staircase located in work at the end of the room opposite the side entrance. The chimneys are established in the gutter wall. Fabulous!

vannes rue de la fontaine to ramparts sep20

Every year, the Nocturnes de St-Patern welcome us to music! Take advantage of the free concerts offered on rue Saint-Patern and rue de la Fontaine This past 14th edition of the Nocturnes de St-Patern was again free concerts on rue de la Fontaine, at the foot of the Saint-Patern Church and at the bottom of the Jules Ferry school. More info on this event and keep an eye for next year is here:

I have here often for the library! There is a quant library here, La Yamouna 6 rue de la Fontaine. Passing the door, you enter a world where time seems to have stood still. A scent of old paper floats in the air and wherever you look, it meets a forest of books. Here you can find all kinds of art, classical, travel, history, geography, police, etc. Books sold between 2 EUR and 500 EUR. Their Facebook page here:

vannes rue de la fontaine indies library books out sep20

One place I go for lunches especially when I am at work is at the Balade en Crepanie. The crêperie with exposed stones and beams is installed in a 16th century half-timbered house. On sunny days, you will be happy to show you around the terrace which is located in a flowered and shaded backyard. The walls of the creperie are graciously made available to artists (painters, photographers, etc.). Come and discover their works. More info here:

However, the one I do come for lunch, dinner, dayweeks and weekends ,business or pleasure is the wonderful unique Le Gavroche!!! Recommended as the others.

Vannes Le Gavroche resto rue de la fontaine sep20

The Le Gavroche restaurant is located in the historic Saint Patern district, it offers traditional home-made cuisine le coup de fusil: a home-made rum is offered to you at the end of the meal. The owner.chef Francis Têtue began with an apprenticeship in the Hautes Pyrénées where he comes from. His professional career began in London at a highly renowned gourmet restaurant, Le Keat’s, where he discovered the art of cooking. Back in France, he joined Maximin’s team at Négresco in Nice, then that of Roger Vergé, great Chef in Mougins. The time has come to realize his dream: to cook in his restaurant. He chooses Brittany and it will be Le Ricordeau in Domagné. Home cooking is his trademark. Guingamp is the next step. La Mandoline seduced him with its charm and the possibility of providing home-made cuisine. Arrived in Vannes in January 2012, the restaurant Le Gavroche corresponds perfectly to his wishes: A warm setting, a friendly atmosphere, traditional home-made cuisine, a lively district in a dynamic city, everything is there for a new adventure. Wonderful, recommended.

vannes le Gavroche resto dining room to ent sep20

vannes le Gavroche resto dolls by table sep20

A note, the painted decorations of the restaurant was done by Olivier a local artist,and my dear late wife Martine hired him to do similar at our house glass veranda! a work of art at home!!! So this is memories of old days always pleasant even if now is hard but the good times wins.

Their webpage is here:

And oh yes ,almost forgot lol!! The lunch today with my father and 3 young men was celebrating my birthday ahead of time as it is on the 12 but we were all free today. I have my apéro porto red, then ,salad of crab and salmon entrée, the duck and mashed potatoes main dish, the tiramisu à l’amaretto dessert. All wash down with a rosé from Gasgogne ,the Domaine de Millet , the grapes here are 80% égiodola ( a basque grape we have in the Loire and do make it one of our house wines, and  20 % Cabernet Franc! Delicious!! For info this is the webpage of the Domaine:

I will throw in together some photos of the meal here.

Hope you enjoy the post as much as we did, another glorious trip to old beautiful quant Vannes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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