Ploërmel curiosities!

So continuing with my road warrior indulgences in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. This time I come to a town it has been a while not back with so much to see ,it happens. This is Ploërmel.

The city sits nicely in the road N166 Vannes to Rennes by the N24 but I took coming from Campénéac on the road D724. 

Ploërmel (Plou-Armel) was founded in the 6C by Saint Armel from Ireland. Saint Vincent Ferrier was housed in a room in the priory house in 1418, during his visit to Ploërmel. It is also there that he miraculously heals a crippled child, who is presented to him by the priest Robert Juno, the 241st witness mentioned in the Inquiry. It is also in Saint-Nicolas that the Carmelites of Ploërmel were housed from 1592 to 1620, during the ruin and reconstruction of their convent.

The town of Ploërmel, is attested for the first time in 835 in the cartulary of Redon.   The city will then be honored until the 16C of the presence of the Dukes of Brittany for its strategic position. In the 16C, it entered the Royal domain. The city has a particularly rich civil and religious architectural heritage. The town is crossed by the national road 24 (RN 24) and the national road 166 (RN 166). Both very much use by yours truly!

The Leopard lion and it flag symbolise the fidelity of Ploërmel to Bretagne to defend the fatherland and its monarch. The town has always kept this distinction. Like many towns in Bretagne that were attack by king Charles VII in June 1487 ,Ploermel was the only one to resisted. Alain Bouchard said: so much the city was beaten that those who were inside were constrained to surrender ;the city was plundered and those who were inside were prisioner and taken to ransom or killed with the sword. One year later, Brittany lost its independence after the tragic defeat at Saint Aubin du Cormier. The motto is Tenax in fine,or tenacious in the faith. This given in 1816 by king Louis XVIII.


The Musée J M La Mennais at Place la Mennais .The La Mennais museum space presents visitors with some treasures of the congregation through a museum dedicated to Jean-Marie de La Mennais and a natural science museum. The first retraces the life of the  founder and presents his works, his personal effects, and in particular his precious library!  He ,also, participated in the creation of many schools in Brittany throughout the 19C. Also discover the updated presence of the Congregation in the world of education. End the visit with the renovated Chapel which houses the tomb of Jean-Marie de La Mennais. The Museum of Natural Sciences takes the visitor on an enriching object lesson in the form of a journey through time and around the world; collections of insects, bird nests, rocks, fossils, prehistoric tools, etc.  Access to the garden is free: an unsuspected haven of peace in the heart of Ploërmel!




The tourist office of Broceliande on the museum:

The astronomical clock is located in the grounds of the House of the Congregation of the Brothers of La Mennais, in the center of Ploërmel. Originally installed in a classroom, it has been moved and housed since 1890 in a small octagonal glass kiosk, allowing it to be observed from the outside. The instrument has three parts: a hierological device, made up of a balance which triggers a trebuchet, which successively drives 250 toothed wheels and 1200 pieces of brass gears, which controls on one side a set of ten dials and the other side, a planetary. The astronomical clock is based on a pendulum beating the second. The mechanism, made up of a set of five weights, needs to be manually wound up every day. The device drives the dials using two axes, one rotating in 24 hours (solar day), the other in 23 hours and 56 minutes (sidereal day). The clock is the work of Brother Gabriel Morin , also known as Brother Bernardin. Mathematics, astronomy and navigation teacher, and without watchmaker training, he expressed the desire to illustrate his lessons. The imagined machine was built from 1850 to 1855 with the help of the students, in the evening after classes in the workshops of the forge of the Ploërmel brothers.!!


The tourist office of Broceliande on the astronomical clock:

Christ Church Brittany began, in a very small way back in 1999, in Ploërmel. Brittany is a very large area and has many thousands of English speakers, either resident or visiting in the summer months. Many of those feel a need for an English speaking church and Christ Church is able to answer this need.  The church follow the Anglican tradition but the congregations come from a wide variety of backgrounds, traditions and denominations. The main worship is at 11h each Sunday. Christ Church is located in a chapel which stands on the corner of Rue Général Dubreton and Avenue de Guiborg. The building is a few minutes walk from the centre of Ploërmel on the road towards Vannes (N166). Parking is available on the main road running past the chapel or in the car park in the Place de Mairie, which is just a couple of minutes walk away. The library of 11,000 English books is open Friday and Sunday mornings. La Source Choir meets Friday, Social events organised once per month.


The official webpage of the Christ Church:

I like to give you here the history of the city of Ploërmel from the city itself in French:

And there you go folks, a small town rich and full of wonderful monument and these are not all; takes a while to take a tour around the Morbihan, and more if in Bretagne, and even more if in France. Hope you enjoy the tour of Ploërmel!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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