Ploërmel and its heritage!!

And moving righ along in architecturally and historically stunning Ploërmel in my beautiful Morbihan, of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France. The road warrior continues, well more walking in town always a pleasure, and small town pack with history is awesome!

You have read my previous post and even the older ones on Ploërmel, now let me give some historical and architecturally stunning ammunition to finish the tour and a place to eat , of course, we need to eat and do very well in Bretagne thank you.

The Dukes of Brittany had a hotel-mansion in Ploërmel, where they often resided. It was from Ploërmel that Duke Jean I write, on March 20, 1240, the edict ordering the expulsion of the Jews from his duchy of Brittany; that, on August 15, 1294, Duke Geoffroy summoned the Breton barons and knights to declare the number of mounted and armed men that each of them had to provide in time of war to form the army of the duke. Sixteen times, the States of Bretagne sat in Ploërmel: in 1240, 1309, 1315, 1394, 1408, 1411, 1428, 1442, 1498, 1521, 1523, 1580, 1587, 1606 and 1624.

Ploërmel heard in May 1418 the preaching of Saint Vincent Ferrier (see posts), and in October 1565 received the King of France, Charles IX; in 1667, the Duke of Mazarin; in December 1690, the exiled king of England, James II Stuart; in 1776, the Duke of Chartres; in 1828, the Duchess of Berry.

You will be delighted to walk in old streets and find marvels of architecture and history such as the:

Maison Bigarré 16C for Jean Bigarré, clerk of the royal court . The renaissance door is an enigma. The king of England recently dethrone James II Stuart stayed here in December 1690.


Maison de Marmousets 1586. Decorated with unusual characters such as a bishop, caricatures and madman. Located in the rue Beaumanoir in rememberance of the heroes of the Battle of Trente.


Maison de Ducs de Bretagne; this hotel attach to ramparts served as residence from 1182 of the Duchess Constance ,later dukes Geoffroy, Jean I, Jean II, Arthur II, Duchesse Anne, and the duke de Mercoeur, this later had built a chimney that still bears his arms. The States of Bretagne parliamentary were held here in 1186 ;1240; 1294;and 1309. In 1679 the house becomes the Hôtel de l’Ecu de France.


The tourist office of Broceliande on what is to do and see in and around Ploërmel

The city of Ploërmel on its heritage:

And of course, we had to have lunch at least!

The Café de la Tour, across from the Church Saint Armel, changed owners from Lille in 2018. And again new owner, since Saturday, February 1, 2020. The new owner is well known to the local Ploërmelais, since the man is also a municipal councelor, sports delegate for the town of Ploërmel. He will continue to work with local producers, such as the Boulangerie Morice and Minoterie de Roncin de Ploërmel, Ets Delaunay de Caro, Les Fermiers Sablé de Guilliers, the Brasserie Lancelot, etc. The Café de la Tour is open from 7h30 .The Restaurant, crêperie, brasserie is open for lunch and dinner, for the moment every day, except Sunday.



The official webpage of Café de la Tour

We stop by chance as it was right where  we were doing our walks. A splendid clean nice restaurant with fast and friendly service, and of course great views over the church and main square. The food was right but the plat du jour or main dish of the day was already gone! a rarity to have this by us but oh well its always a first time. We settle for the fish and chips and the portions were a bit smaller than we are used to but tasty , and we took down with a Rosé Un pour Tous from pays de Gascogne all for less than 19€ per person nice. No coffee as it was 26C too hot for it this time. We came home!

There you go folks, another wonderful road warrior trip and plenty to do and see and eat! All in my beautiful Morbihan, in land for a change of pace from the coastal areas. Ploërmel is nice, vibrant city and gorgeous monuments we need to be back for more. Hope you enjoy the tour

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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