Campénéac and a church!!!

Ah yes on my road warrior roads you stop see listen admire, many wonderful things to see in my beautiful Morbihan ,in my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France. Every trip there is something new or even renew as in this case.

I will tell you a bit more on the wonderful Church of the Nativity-of-the-Most-Holy Virgin  in Campénéac!!!


Let me say it now, this is one church easy to get to and worth the detour for its monumental beauty in architecture and history. 

The Church of the Nativity-of-the-Most-Holy Virgin or église de la Nativité-de-la-Très-Sainte-Vierge .The present church was rebuilt from 1851 to 1860 at the site of the old church. The parish church is dedicated to the Nativity of the Most Holy Virgin. The church, which has survived to this day, was a mixture of Romanesque architecture and ogival architecture; the plan was in the form of a Latin cross, with two aisles, and a square tower on the inter transept; in the choir you see semicircular arcades, and elsewhere ogival windows with flaming mullions.



The western porch, the pillars and arches of the primitive Church, as well as some carved stones were reused. The Church of the Nativity-of-the-Most-Holy Virgin has three bays, separated by cylindrical columns in granite. The oak pulpit of the second half of the 19C is 7 meters high. The tank of the pulpit has the particularity of being supported by a kneeling demon. A statue of the Archangel Michael terracing the dragon dominates it. The lampshade supports four Angels symbolizing the four evangelists. Another peculiarity is that a double staircase makes the access to the pulpit. The Church has an exhibition of the Holy Face dating from the second half of the 19C. High of 2.60 meters, it is turned wood, carved, and polychrome. The Holy Face is exposed to the center ; it is surrounded by the instruments of the Passion. At the top, the thorn wreath, right the pincers and hammer, down the nails and left the whip.


On the choir side, two chapels open to the north and south through pointed arch arcades. Of the five original bays lined with granite, three remain: two in the nave, on either side of the south porch, and one in the north chapel.  The sacristy was built during the first half of the 17C, probably around 1645-1650. The bell tower, originally located at the crossing of the transept, was destroyed by lightning in 1871 and replaced in 1874 by a porch bell tower. The chapel of the fonts was built in 1895-1896. It is well made really.



The city of Campénéac on heritage in French,need to go to le patrimoine de Campénéac  pdf file and on page 34 there is a bit more on the church.

I say for the beauty of this church not enough info is available online unless you go in person and take a brochure at the church. Pity, they should provide more online for all to enjoy this beauty. The Church of the Nativity-of-the-Most-Holy Virgin  is worth the detour indeed.Hope you enjoy the post as we did. We say fairwell to Campénéac for now, we will be back!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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