Campénéac and the Abbey!!!

So as said, every time out on my road warrior trips and more awesome monuments of my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and belle France! I was out with the boys towards the Rennes side, as many places went before but not in some time and wanted to revive the family memories.

So we headed for Campénéac and saw the Abbey!  By the name, we all would think this is old and quant but in reality this is new very new for the country yet historically important for the region of Bretagne. Let me tell you a bit more on the Abbaye de la JoieNotreDame.


The Abbey Notre Dame de la Joie is a Cistercian abbey on the edge of the Brocéliande forest. It was built in 1953!. The nuns were previously at Sainte-Anne-d’Auray (see posts).


The community was founded in 1920 in Auray by the sisters of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de la Coudre in Laval , dept 53 Mayenne, under the name of Notre Dame de Bonne Garde. But, the premises quickly proved unsuitable for monastic life, its transfer was decided in 1947. In the same year, the brothers of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Timadeuc then acquired the property of the Château La Ville Aubert, with its farm and began construction of the monastery. The community was transferred there in 1953 taking the name of the former Abbey La Joye d’Hennebont founded in 1260 by Blanche de Navarre, Countess of Champagne and wife of Jean I, Duke of Brittany.



The official webpage for the abbey is here:

For more than 25 years, the sisters have been making cakes the old-fashioned way. Their products are Breton shortbread cookies, Breton cakes, gingerbread, and almond, hazelnut and orange tea croquet-teas. They have also been making chocolate for 20 years, favoring dark chocolate.Also, cheeses. Due to the virus the place has restricted hours and we came in when close but we will be back as only 50 minutes from home and we love their cakes!  To showcase their boutique here is the link above on the boutique section:

It has a simple chapel very modern too. It is worth the detour as we had for its wonderful confections goodies of the real life of France. Hope you enjoy the tour and will come back! The abbey Notre Dame de la Joie is surrounded by a wonderful park for pleasant walks and plenty of parking in the woods.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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