Saint Malo, the Corsair house!!

And of course Saint Malo is a corsair city by fame and fact. You cannot come here and do not visit one house at least. WE always stop by if briefly by the most famous one here that of François-Auguste Magon de Lalande.  Let me tell you a bit more on this fellow and the house.

The house was built in 1725 for François – Auguste Magon de la Lande, Ship owner and privateer of the king in Saint-Malo. It is located in the intra muros by the Porte Saint-Louis. In a land spot covering 5 rue d’Asfeld (main entrance), 4 rue de Toulouse and 2 rue Chartres.


It has about 60 rooms of which 30 have their own interior fireplace and 684 square meters of living space, and is the last complete witness of the great Saint Malo residences of the powerful shipowners of the city, characteristic of the houses of Corsairs. . It has a discreet and sober facade despite its high windows, its semicircular steps and its pointed roof topped with monumental chimneys (including the largest in Saint-Malo!). Inside, an imposing wrought iron banister staircase serves the superb rooms decorated with woodwork, marble fireplaces … a beautiful terrace offers a breathtaking view of the port.


François – Auguste Magon de la Lande was a director of the East India Company, Ship owner and privateer under Louis XV, who had this residence built on the 3rd extension of the walled city. He was Lord of Plessis-Bertrand, was a shipowner and privateer corsair and one of the most powerful shipowners in the city of Saint-Malo.

François-Auguste, trained in Cadiz, Spain, took over the family trading house, between 1715 and 1720 they were part of the Compagnie des Indes de Saint-Malo.

It was also in 1724 that François-Auguste built the vast Hôtel Magon de la Lande known as the Hôtel d’Asfeld as above. Miraculously, the mansion on the rue d’Asfeld is the only shipowner hotel that remained intact after the Allied bombings of 1944 (WWII). The house invites you to dive into the era of racing wars and trade routes to the 18C India.

There is also, La Chipaudière! A superb and vast Malouinière mansion ,and its formal gardens built for François-Auguste Magon de Lalande, at Paramé district of Saint Malo. An important 18C shipowner. It has its three successive uneven terraces with ponds and moats, south side, and a large square courtyard with an 18C chapel and 17C outbuildings,on the north side.

The official home webpage of the Corsair house

The tourist office of Saint Malo on the corsair house:

And there you go a dandy architecturally and historical mansion right in the intra muros old town section of Saint Malo. Great walks all around it and see the ramparts. Hope you enjoy this seafaring house, we love it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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