Port du Crouesty!

By now needs no further instroduction in my blog as it is one of my favorite places in my beautiful Morbihan , and in lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France! This is the harbor marina Port du Crouesty!

I have written on the Port du Crouesty , part of the town of Arzon in the Rhuys peninsula on several previous posts in my blog. This is a very nice area , this time was there for something different and took some new pictures! In the Morbihan, it is a must to visit. We love it with the family here doing all kinds of activities even tandem bicycle rides from one port to the other!

Port du Crouesty

Port du Crouesty

I had again a call from my former CFO boss in Suresnes dept 92 Hauts de Seine who has a boat anchor here. Always nice to be recognised for the hard work even if after 14 years!!! As I walk by it, I took some additional pictures hopefully different than those before lol!  I was another memorable moment in his boat , we stayed until 01h30 (1:30am) on the boat drinking champagne lol!!!

Port du Crouesty

Port du Crouesty

Anyway, let me give you some brief information for the boat lover in all of us ::)

Port du Crouesty is very well sheltered and accessible at all hours, the Crouesty marina is equipped with 1,432 afloat berths on pontoons, including around 100 for passing boats of up to 18 meters. The port of Le Crouesty has a visitor area for your stopovers with 130 places available. Please note, the maximum draft is 1.80 m.

Port du Crouesty

A dynamic harbor master’s office (capitainerie), sunny plots, lively shops, holiday homes with unique or typically Breton architecture … all combine to give the Port of Crouesty a dynamic and warm image.

Port du Crouesty

Port du Crouesty


This is where used boats are exhibited every year during the Mille Sabords Nautical Show and where the greatest skippers have made a name for themselves. The next wonderful event hopefully will be Oct 29 to Nov 1 2020. More info here: Le Mille Sabords nautical show

The Port of Crouesty is a partner of major nautical events, from the very sporty Spi Ouest France to the very colorful Semaine du Golfe.

With an exceptional view of the sea, Le Cargo restaurant offers “homemade” land and sea cuisine and a festive and friendly bar to end your evenings in style! Located above the Harbor Master’s Office. Really nice views and fair price/quality ratio.

Hope you enjoy them and do visit. Arzon and its Port du Crouesty are a must in the Morbihan.

Some webpages as usual by me to help you plan your trip here are

The city of Arzon on Port du Crouesty harbor: City of Arzon on Port du Crouesty harbor

The tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan on Port du CrouestyTourist office Gulf of Morbihan on Port du Crouesty

The passeport escales on harbors site info on Port du Crouesty: Passeport Escales on Port du Crouesty

Again, a magical spot on my Morbihan and with great friendship and cheers of old times and new, a nice way to enjoy the mid week and ready for my next trip out! Hope you enjoy the story as I do.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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