Pluvigner: Créperie Le Vorlen!

Ok so this is a quick entry post in my blog for the memories of my family. I am talking of my town Pluvigner in the Morbihan breton dept 56 of lovely Bretagne in my belle France!

We have come here often and have a couple of entries in my blog on them. However, need to write again as the owners have sold and new ones are in and we just try them! I am talking about the Créperie Le Vorlen!.


For the traditional cooking we always go to the Créperie le Vorlen where the previous owner Jean-Noël Barranger ( native of Meaux as my dear late wife Martine was)  does wonders in the restaurant . Located at the entrance of the ring road, D768  the restaurant is the corner with the rue de la gare and route d’Auray. The recipe of Lili Kerzerho always a la carte with Rost er Forn (wood oven roasted pig portions with bake potatoes and herbs) an institution. The first and third weekends of each month, on site or to take away. I was told this will continue with the new owners.


We have come here for our kids and Dad’s birthdays for his favorite pork concoction Rost er Forn a pig dish with baked potatoes. We went other times for the galettes breton and crêpes!

This time we were in my road warrior mode driving all over the Morbihan and we took a break on the route to come back to Pluvigner and had lunch. You need reservations now more than ever due to the virus and the new owners who opened just before the pandemia and needed to closed right away to reopen again last month! They will close earlier if no customers. We call from the road to have the reservation done.


The welcome was very nice friendly attentive and prompt! We were seated in the shade so no need for umbrellas in the nice terrace. We had our bottle of Cider Brut from Pays de Rhuys Nicol nearby, with me galette complete of ham and cheeses, and then crêpe of a scoop of coconut ice cream and caramel sauce, all delicious. As one who usually do not put food dishes, this is a must. We left on the run and again the service continues very nice, by the new couple and one daughter team. We will be back!




Their webpage is here: Creperie le Vorlen Pluvigner

This is a lively town of Pluvigner ;smallist only about 7K folks but with all the services and plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you busy! Hope you enjoy it and if in town do stop by the Créperie Le Vorlen as it is right on the road from south to north Brittany , the D768!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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