Perros Guirec: plage Trestraou!

Well rounding up my latest escapades to the north of my Bretagne ,in beautiful Perros Guirec of the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 , I come to what I think is the best beach there: Plage Trestraou!

I have written on Perros Guirec in several posts in my blog, and on the other beach but this one wins it over for us. Let me tell you a bit more on the Plage Trestraou beach.

Perros Guirec

Between the pointe de Beg-Ar-Storloch and Pointe de Pors Nevez, along Boulevard Joseph Le Bihan where there are many shops. Large sandy beach stretching over 1.4 km, Trestraou offers a superb panorama of the Archipelago of 7 Islands. Ideal for swimming, this beach, supervised in season, offers many leisure activities for all, Beach Club, Nautical Center,(see post) Surf Club ,etc. Come stroll along its promenade and taste the pleasures of Trestraou such as the Casino, Center de Thalasso, Cinema, Minigolf, shops, restaurants, hotels (see post), the works!

perros guirec

Perros Guirec

The bay of Trestraou was at the origin of the tourist development of Perros-Guirec. In the 19C, sea baths were recognized for their healing qualities and became fashionable. With the arrival of the train in Lannion in 1881 and the construction of the first hotel by Joseph le Bihan in 1886 (see post),the seaside resorts took off. From 1884, bath cabins were built and superb villas were created between 1893 and 1905; prestigious hotels are located there. In 1970, the construction of the convention center, discreet and integrated into the seafront, gave new impetus to the beach. Admire the superb villas built on the micro-cliff of the Pointe de Beg Ar Storloch.

perros guirec

From the beach, you can also see the Seven Islands archipelago, which today houses a nature and bird sanctuary. To protect this exceptional biodiversity, it is forbidden to land on the islands, except Île aux Moines. However, you can embark on a cruise departing from Trestraou beach, which will allow you to observe birds (see post).

The beach front is full of activities even in these days and it seems all the places were full including the hotel book solid! They did allowed our dog in the rooms!!We did a lot of walking around and the boys enjoy the beach as well as the Armor Navigation cruise. We had a ball walking our dog Rex he wanted to go in the water! but this was off for dogs here as they only allowed in off season November to April.

Perros Guirec

We did went to lunch twice at the wonderful Chez Edouard facing the Trestraou beach right on an outdoor terrace. Even Rex was so much good here we love him ,as he is so calm and well behave. The manager of the restaurant brought him a bowl of water!!!

perros guirec

perros guirec

The former Les Régates is now Chez Edouard with new owners, and even thus we had not try the former, the current one is to be recommended. We had mussels roquefort, pizzas orientales (because they had chorizos), and burgers with a bottle of Les Chanteraires red 2018 of Saumur-Champigny, the Loire’s best ;we buy for the house and glad we found it here! We took the wonderful café gourmand because you get the coffee and five sweets sampler of their desserts, which is fine for the size and the taste. All for 22€ per person which at this location is a super bargain.

perros guirec

The views are fantastic and the ambiance very relax French fashion with lots of families! and a kiddie playground on the beach right up front of us. The views to your left are wonderful with the promontory hills and the gare maritime or cruise boat terminal as well as beach cabins and water boat activities! All in one place, simply the best and we will be back! Plage Trestraou!

perros guirec

And of course, at the beach what is best than Ice Cream! and we love it!!! And so lucky was calling for as just around the corner of the BW hotel and facing the beach at Trestraou there is the wonderful Le Glacier des Sept Ïles or the seven island ice cream parlor. We dig in from anywhere from two to five scoops of different flavor just to cool off lol! the place is nice and friendly and the ice cream superbe!!

Perros Guirec

Let me give you some webpages to help you plan your trip here and well worth it are

My fav plages tv on the beach at TrestraouPlages tv on Trestraou beach

The tourist office of Perros Guirec on Plage TrestraouTourist office of Perros Guirec on Trestraou beach

And a treat from the Association of neighbors of plage Trestraou in French with all that is going on, to see and do at Trestraou beachAssoc of neighbors of Trestraou district

And the anecdote for this wonderful Perros Guirec is that one of my best historical personalities from the world of arts and paintings to be exact used this town as one of his base so here is a bit of Maurice Denis!

Several portraits painted by the great Maurice Denis. Like the Regatta at Perros-Guirec ,1892, oil on canvas, now at the Quimper Museum of Fine Arts (see post). Regattas at Perros-Guirec, views from the west jetty,1897, at the Maurice Denis Departmental Museum “Le Prieuré” at Saint-Germain-en-Laye (see post). Bathers at Perros-Guirec from around 1912,now at the   Petit-Palais Museum, Paris (see post). The forgiveness of Notre-Dame de la Clarté in Perros-Guirec by 1926, manor of Kerazan, Astor foundation, and Itron Varia Sklerder or Notre-Dame de la Clarté oil on canvas, 1931, now at the Musée des beaux-arts de Morlaix (see post).

Hope you enjoy the tour of this wonderful place call Perros Guirec, and do come on in folks! And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. England has the best beaches but sadly not the weather to match!

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