Perros Guirec: Grand Hotel et Best Western hotels!

And why not tell you about hotels at Perros Guirec! There are plenty of accomodation and of all types. However, for me the Grand Hotel was it and now the Best Western Bains et Spas is looking good. Let me tell you briefly of the hotels Grand and Best Western of Perros Guirec!

perros guirec plage trestraou promenade arriving to mansions jul20

Needless, but repeat anyway, have come here often and have several posts in my blog on Perros Guirec. This is the latest escapades to a nice beach Plage Trestraou! I will tell you about the beach later ok.

The Grand Hotel, in plage Trestraou, with an Art Deco architecture typical of the seaside style of the 1920s. Many remarkable villas built at the end of the 19C and the beginning of the 20C, of various architectural inspirations, often including elements in pink granite extracted from the quarries of Ploumanac’h, and fancy elements such as art deco details, half-timberings in the Anglo-Norman style, turrets, bow windows, etc.

Could not stay as currently undergoing complete renovation. At the Grand Hotel, once the metal structure surrounding the front façade and the two gables were completed, demolition work could begin. The destruction of the floors and the rear facade was carried out gradually, with a cut, piece by piece.

Perros Guirec plage trestraou grand hotel renovation shell jul20

The next new Grand Hotel Kasino will house 59 rooms, a restaurant and the casino. The opening is announced in the fall of 2021. There is a complex behind it which includes the construction of a 2,500 m2 spa with a restaurant and, a 4-star hotel with 91 rooms.

There are panels in front of the shell of the old hotel telling you about the history of it here.  It tells us the first hotel was build here in 1886 with 20 rooms under the name Hôtel Le Bihan. The Grand Hotel de Trestraou was built then late 19C and the town developed a following which included Maurice Denis! Later, Joseph Le Bihan was convince by the writer Ernest Renan to built a hotel name Hôtel de la Plage which later became the Grand Hôtel . In the meantime, the Hôtel de la Plage is enlarge from 1888; and by 1914 another building is built next to it. In 1948, the Grand Hôtel is taken over by new owners who hold it for 47 years! In 1955, the Hotel is again renovated. Until our days renovation and new owners by the groupe Kasino de Bretagne.

The official page of the Grand Hotel is here: Grand Hotel at Perros Guirec

We had the entire family, my 3 sons, my Dad, and our dog Rex and me; so we needed two rooms facing the plage Trestraou . Oh yes, this was the Best Western les Bains et Spa Hotel. A suite junior with king size bedding, 26 m2, and a Prestige room with king size bedding 26 m2. Right on Plage Trestraou with beautiful views of the beach and promontory as well as islands! Gorgeous. Will need to make you dream of the interior.

perros guirec

We parked for free very conveniently across from the hotel on Avenue du Casino between Rue de Rohellou and bd Thalassa. This is a minute from the beach on foot!

perros guirec parking rue de rohellou fr bw hotel jul20

All around the Best Western Bains et Spa are numerous restaurants with nice terraces even towards the beach and a great ice cream place we love it. The lunch here was sublime both days.

perros guirec plage trestraou BW hotel side facing beach jul20

We were particularly seduced by the decoration of the rooms paying homage to the seaside resorts of the 1950s. The Best Western Bains et Spa hotel has 49 elegant and modern rooms including Standard, Superior, Prestige, Junior and Family suites. They all have a refined decoration, in soft colors, conducive to rest and relaxation.

perros guirec plage trestraou promenade to restos shops jul20

For more comfort, the Prestige rooms and the Junior suites offer a lounge area while the Superior rooms offer a terrace. Open Bar Soft Drink: in a lounge area, snacks and soft drinks are offered free of charge from 14h to 02h. Guests can enjoy a wellness center with spa, hot tub and hammam at an additional cost. Guests also have access to a gym and massages can be booked at an additional cost.

Walkers can continue their walk by taking the chemin du sentier des douaniers (see post) to discover the unique setting of the côte de granit rose and the 7 îles.

The official webpage of the BW hotel is here: BW les Bains et Spa Hotel Perros Guirec

The chain Best Western on the Bains et Spa hotel at Perros Guirec in English: Best Western on hotel Bains et Spa at Perros Guirec

And there you two wonderful properties facing a wonderful beach at Trestraou in Perros Guirec. We will return, worth it , recommended. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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