So when someone tells you that a town in France is name Thebaud’s castle or Château Thébaud ,you think a castle , or château right? Well not in this town, the castle is from times immemorials, what you have now is a nice quiet country town with wonderful wines and great quality of life.

We have been by here several times now, looking for those Nantaise wines or muscadet. However, we have found a lot more in wines and in the town of Château Thébaud. I like to tell you a bit more on it ok. Hope you enjoy it as we do.

It has a small modest church and we went in for the first time as we had to eat nearby!However, let me tell you first, a bit more on the town.

Château-Thébaud is a town located in the Loire-Atlantique department 44, in the Pays de la Loire region. Historically, the town is part of Bretagne/Brittany, in the traditional country of Nantes vineyards and in the historic country of Nantes. The neighboring towns are Vertou, Maisdon-sur-Sèvre, Saint-Fiacre-sur-Maine, Le Bignon, Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine and Montbert. It is about 15 km south of Nantes. The town is located in the heart of the Muscadet vineyard of Sèvre and Maine. Perched on a rocky promontory, the town of Château-Thébaud dominates Maine and its deeply enclosed valley, offering an incomparable viewpoint on the Pont Caffino site located at 40 meters below.


The name of the town comes from the Castrum Theobaldi first appearing in 1201, when the Abbey of Villeneuve, currently located in the town of Sorinières, was founded by the Duchess Constance of Brittany. The place called Château-Thébaud is therefore before 1201. On the eve of the French revolution, a conflict would oppose the parishioners of Château-Thébaud with the choice of the church. That of the parish, St Martin,  located in the center of the cemetery too far from the village. The dilapidated state of the church, as well as that of the parish which adjoins it, leads the rector to ask for the elevation of the St Vincent Chapel, located in the center of the town near the place called La Tour, as the parish church.  A trial will follow which will prove the friends of St Martin (who support the whites or those against the French revolution) right. But at the end of the revolution, its dilapidated state led to the choice of St Vincent (whose friends supported the Blues pro revolution Republicans as in Republic).

The Church of Saint-Martin-et-Saint-Vincent 19C. The church was built from 1808 to 1822 on the site of the old Saint-Vincent chapel. The first church of Château-Thébaud was in the enclosure of the current cemetery. The Saint-Martin church was sold nationally in 1790: the buyer transported the stones to build his house on the banks of the Maine river. There remains of the old building, a small ogival window in the south wall,and two three-lobed ogival arches.

Chateau thebaud

Chateau thebaud

Saint-Martin de Vertou born in Nantes lived in the time of Saint-Félix: his main foundations are in Vertou as Saint-Jean for men and Saint-Pierre for women, Saint-Georges de Montaigu and Aution at Saint- Jouin de Marnes, in Deux Sèvres. Saint Martin will die in his Montaigu monastery. The bells taken from Spain by Napoleon’s soldiers were bought by Father Agaisse and installed in 1813. The statue of Saint-Martin dates from the 18-19C.

Chateau thebaud

Chateau thebaud

Here is the city of Château Thébaud on its heritage and history in French: City of Chateau Thebaud on its heritage and history

While going for our wine tastings (see previous post) I decided to eat at a nice little restaurant the winegrower had recommended to me the last time. Not looking at the day as a Monday, we were lucky because here in the countryside the restos are closed Sundays and Mondays. Fortunately, this little gem was open on Monday! It is call Le Pain Coupé or the cut bread!

Chateau Thebaud

Chateau Thebaud

It is an unpretentious restaurant, located in the heart of the town of Château Thébaud. The owner, passionate about his work, will give you a warm welcome, and generous and tasty dishes, at a very attractive price.  This was a zeal, even the manager front desk was very friendly and the owner came out to greet us as well as the server. This is a country town restaurant very typical of good inexpensive eating in my belle France.

Chateau Thebaud

They have a huge menu serving such goodies as Pizzas, grilled meats, Muscadet sausage etc. Nothing like a grand presentation or small overprice quantities like in many Paris restos; here you get full.  The service and the cuisine make the difference. It’s simple, good and inexpensive, period. And the diversity is also to be noted as evidence by the ardoise or black board with 15 to 18 starters offered every day and 5 to 6 desserts. The establishment also offers a catering and home cooking service fyi if staying in apartments/apparthotels or even hotels in the area.

Chateau Thebaud

We got there by 13h45 no reservations and we got in right away, the Le Pain Coupé resto was half full with local folks. We had an apéro or entry drink of kir pêche or peach kir (white muscadet and peach liquor) to start. Then, you have a buffet all you can eat entrées with salads, cold cuts, pâtes, eggs, cheeses, etc. You ordered your main dish, mine was an Spanish omelette really well made and big piece! , then we had rice pudding desserts caramel and vanilla, we repeat! all this wash down with the local rosé wine. We finish off with expresso coffee. My boys all had different dishes and desserts the rest the same all for 16.50 euros per person, a find, recommended. We will be back!!!

Chateau Thebaud

Chateau Thebaud

Official webpage of Le Pain Coupé restaurant at Château ThébaudLe Pain Coupe at Chateau Thebaud

We , then left town after gathering our wine and well fed we headed to go our groceries, see next post. Hope you enjoy the tour of the Nantaise countryside, real Muscadet country! We will be back to Château-Thébaud!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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