Maisons Laffitte!!

So I continue on my efforts to show you something different of my belle France other than that other country Paris. Oh yes city you know what I mean…. Come on over to the mouvable feast that is France provinces or regions and see the gorgeous architecture and history that it embodies.

I have mentioned before on the streets, church and castle of Maisons-Laffitte but it needs a bit more. I like to mention in my blog, the cultural center and water tower!

The town of Maisons Laffitte we used to come often while living in nearby Versailles. Oh yes it is in the Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region. Now it has been a bit long in between, last was 2017. It is a wonderful town ,first, because it has a wonderful castle, then the hippodrome, and finally the nice shops along main street avenue de Longueil ,especially the epicérie de Longueil. You best get here by car, from Paris take the A13 direction Rouen, enter at exit/sortie 7 direction Poissy go thru Poissy centre ville around roundabout facing Peugeot factory /office take second street alongside the offices on road D308 direction Maisons Laffitte, and will hit dead center of it. Or take the A15 out from Paris on porte st Ouen, direction Gennevilliers, stay on the same road as N315 (A15) direction Rouen to exit 7 Conflans Sainte Honorine take here the N184 direction Saint Germain en Laye to rue de poissy or the D308 see signs on your left for Maisons Laffitte. Of course on public transports too on the RER A trains from different locations in Paris.

How to get around and public transports with a map from the tourist office of Maisons Laffitte here: Maisons Laffitte tourist office on getting around

Well, while visiting the Church of St Nicolas (see post) notice a quant old water tower across the street. This is the Château d’Eau or water tower is located on 36bis rue de la Muette, it dates from the second half of the 19C. There still sits without the canopy and now living quarters below it. Also, the former machine des eaux or water machine and the aqueduct, are the vestiges of the old establishment of the water of Maisons-Laffitte, The water machine and the aqueduct date from the 17C. It is now State property,located by 15 rue de Paris. A nice architecture building to look while walking in glorious Maisons Laffitte. 

maisons laffitte

And if architecture is not for you, then Maisons Laffite has plenty of cultural activities and a wonderful cultural complex.  The Festival has been postponned this year due to the virus covid 19 but schedule for May 2021 , more info will be shown here: Festival de Maisons Laffitte

At 39, avenue Longueil, you have a wonderful cultural center, library, tourist office etc. The setting of course is wonderful. Hours, contact tel and email can be had here for future events: City of Maisons Laffitte on cultural events

And of course, the wonderful pretty Bibliothéque or municipal library of Maisons Laffitte has it all for your leisure time after sightseeing the town. Created in 1965, the Maisons-Laffitte municipal library is located close to shops and public transport. Covering an area of approximately 600m², it has an adult and youth space, each with armchairs and work spaces. You can find there: books, magazines, audio books, comics, attend conferences, meet authors, surf the internet, etc . Also, find out about all the cultureal activities of the city. It is centrally located at 39, avenue Longueil, right next to the tourist office and across the street from the Hôtel de Ville or city hall and diagonally across from the RER A train station. You entered the library by place du Maréchal Juin behind the building.

maisons laffitte

More on the municipal library in French here: Municipal library of Maisons Laffitte

And do walk and see the famous thinkers of our times that have come or stayed in Maisons Laffitte a wonderul town by the Seine river too.  Some of these were  Guy de Maupassant ;Henri Marie Baur ; Idel Ianchelevici ; Jean Cocteau ; Joseph Czapski ;Luigi Castiglioni ;Pierre Larquey ; and Roger Martin du Gard. But here is the Maisons Laffitte tourist office with more info on each of them in English: Maisons Laffitte on the land of artists

And there you go folks a very classy, quant town on the borders of the Seine river , close to Paris in another world of countryside and cachet! Hope you enjoy the post on other things of Maisons Laffitte.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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