Pluvigner: Créperie du Rimaison!!!

So lets come back home, as the frontiers are open and we can again travel unlimited in France and into the EU. However, I am just in my little cute Pluvigner working from home and fully pay! La vie est belle en ma belle France!

And as tomorrow is Father’s Day in France or Fête de pères, we are buying gifts for  my Dad still with me next month will be 85, and for me of course from my three young men. We got gifts like a bed table and platter for my Dad and a set of 3 bottles of wines from the old Languedoc of France, namely wines from Fitou, Corbiéres, and Minervois by the great producer Gerard Bertrand. As you read my wine posts, you won’t go wrong with him.

However , today we went for lunch in town to one of our favorite local places. The Créperie du Château in the Château de Rimaison property in our beautiful Pluvigner. The lady owner always is there serving tables! This place has been sold (2022) and no longer a créperie unfortunately fyi.


The place is working in duress as the period we are undergoing, out of 7 staff only 2 are working, the rest on partial unemployment . The owner was selling the property and business due to new housing been build around it and they do banquets, wedding etc with the noice not possible to be surrounded by residential housing due to the quiet time laws in France. She is searching various spots already, and the selling price is 1,3M Euros. The folks might be out but especially, the restaurants, bars, hotels etc are badly hurting and there is estimate by fame chef Etchebest  of 30% going out of business by year’s end. Therefore selling a property like this will be tough going. me think.



We have come here since coming into Pluvigner 7 years ago from Brec’h (see posts) and before Versailles (see posts). Immediately , we made it a point to come here for the friendly service ,good quality/price ratio and good food not to mention the spot a rebuilt castle! right across from our bakery or boulangerie Yann et Deborah.  There were implanted here from Vannes, and we will missed them if leaving eventually. Just to mention another of our favorites restos in town has also change owner just before the virus crisis and also hurting.



Today, we had a bottle of La Petite Brette rose of Berligou grapes from the Domaine Poiron Dabin in the town of Château Thébaut in the Loire-Atlantique dept 44,(old Brittany!) which we have visited and purchase their wines as well. The anecdote is that the great berligou was a gift of the duke of Burgundy, Charles Le Téméraire to the duke of Brittany, François II ,they were cousins! And the brothers Poiron continue to planted since 1993, and produce wines from it. The king Louis XIV made it known at the court of Versailles! In 2001, it was declared a rare grape and saved from extinction!. I have written before on the Poiron Dabin estate but here is their webpage in English: Domaine Poiron Dabin


We then continue along drinking always the rosé berligou with a great galette Mousquetaire or muskeeteers with cooked caramelised onions and cheeses emmenthal, roquefort , camembert, and goat cheese with honey. Delicious. I follow that with the dessert, a crêpe La Bigoudine with bananas caramelised, caramel liquor, and a scoop of coconut ice cream. This was followed by expresso coffee deliciously done with a bar of chocolate! We all love it at a price of 23 euros per person. Good quality/price ratio as always; recommended.


Do you dream of having lunch or dinner in a castle? Look no further, you’re at the right address. Comfortably installed on the veranda to make the most of this picturesque castle. And after the meal, there’s nothing like a little walk in the garden where you can discover the beautiful little fountain and nice Chapel that accompanies the Château de Rimaison.


The Créperie du château blog webpage in French here: Creperie du chateau in Pluvigner

I told you my small town is packed with goodies of old and now. Lots of heritage monuments all over and of course castles we have plenty. Even if most are private properties there is still some who are open to the public. Let me take this opportunity to remind you of my great little town in the Morbihan dept 56 breton. As you know from reading my blog, Morbihan in French is petite mer or small sea, mor been sea and bihan small in the Breton language.

The town can be trace old like for a repeat.  Pluvigner comes from the Breton “Ploe” (parish) and “Guigner “, a Breton Saint. The story of Pluvigner begins in the 5C with the installation at the place called “the Moustoir ” by Guigner, son of an Irish king named Clyton. Saint Patrick converted him to Christianity despite the opposition of his parents. Hunted by his father, he left for the Armoric where King Audren offered him a place to establish his hermitage. On the death of his father, King of Ireland, he went to his native country. Guigner, still known as Prince Fingar, had his head cut off in the year 455 by a man named Hengist, King of the Angles.

He renounced the throne left vacant by his father, and went into the insular Cornouaille, (Brittany now Finistére) to work on the conversion of the infidels. There he gathered the palm of martyrdom around the year 455. The Bretons, who came to settle here in the 6C, adopted him as patron, either in remembrance of his sojourn in the country or for another cause. If they did not bring with them, from the very beginning, relics of the Saint, they obtained it later, because in the 18C ; one still possessed two femurs and two arms of the Holy man. Our main church is name after him, Church of Saint-Guigner built in the 16C (see post).

And there you go , another gem in my beautiful Morbihan breton, in lovely Brittany and in my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post, the food and the sights of Pluvigner.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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