Place Saint André des Arts,Paris!

And why not back to another dandy corner of my eternal Paris. Well coming along started to tell you about the streets of Paris in and out as I find new pictures to show from my cd rom vault!

I passed by here several times as it is one of my fav spot to get together with collegues and friends right around pl St Michel (see post) and this little corner square of my Paris. Hope you enjoy the historical outlook which is my passion.

The Place Saint-André-des-Arts is located in the Monnaie neighborhood or quartier of the 6éme arrondissement or district of Paris. This square is located at the outlet of Place Saint-Michel, Rue Francisque-Gay, Rue Hautefeuille, Rue Danton and Rue Saint-André-des-Arts. This square takes its name from the old Saint-André-des-Arts church which was there since 1210-1212,and which was demolished during the French revolution. It took its name in 1809.

The Place Saint-André-des-Arts is accessible by metro line 4 at Saint-Michel station near restaurant La Gentilhommiere ; and by RER B/C stop/arrêt Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame station, as well as by RATP bus lines 21, 27, 38, 85, and 96 stop/arrêt Saint-Michel.


There are writings that tell us that here in 1897 and 1898, while sewer construction work , it was discovered burials from 1.40 meters to 1.70 meters deep and from 1.75 meters to 2.40 meters various pottery with red flames dated from the 13C and at 4.10 meters a glazed earthenware lamp from the 15C. In the galleries dug in the direction of rue Saint-André-des-Arts and towards rue Saint-Séverin, numerous human bones were discovered, fragments of tiles with rims from the Gallo-Roman era. These bones were found at a depth varying from 4.70 meters to 6.50 meters to more than 3 meters below those previously found at 1.40 m and 1.70 m. Soil levels in the ancient period were 5 to 6 meters lower.

Some remarkable buildings here are at No 30 was the location of the office of the Journal des Artistes where the first meeting of the office of the Société Libre des Beaux-Arts de Paris took place on October 18, 1830. And composer Charles Gounod was born there at no 11 where stood the Hôtel de Thou ; a history of Paris panel pays homage to him at the intersection with rue Suger.

The picturesque street of the same name Rue Saint-André des Arts begins at Place Saint-André des Arts, next to Place Saint-Michel and Boulevard Saint-Michel, to finish at the crossroads of the streets of l’Ancienne Comédie, de Buci, Mazarine and rue Dauphine in Saint Germain des Prés. It runs parallel to Boulevard Saint Germain, the Cour du Commerce Saint-André is one of the routes that connects them. A very old Paris sublime walk , especially in the evenings.

There is a painting of the Place Saint André des Arts at the Musée Carnavalet of Paris by Charles Marville aka Charles-François-Bossu from 1865-68. And by 30 Rue Saint André des Arts you have a nice artful cinema by the same name here since 1971.

Of course, not a tourist spot per se, so will give you some reference in French from the mayor’s office of the 6éme arrondissement or district of ParisThe Mairie of the 6 history of the 6me arrondissement of Paris

Another idea me think of wonderful walks in my eternal Paris. This is very quant area, lovely old and nice, safe for the family and just close to the Seine river. I used to come here with the family since the days of Chez Clément restaurant ,now closed. And lately been hanging out at Le Clou de Paris,nice, recommended. Hope you enjoy the brief tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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