Beaches of Carnac!!!

And we are off folks, season is open just in time for Summer weather. And we came back to check out one of our favorite hangouts here, Carnac. Oh yes plenty written on it and Unesco heritage site on its megaliths stones, but for us the beach ambiance is it. And Carnac, has plenty of good beach ambiance , in fact 5 beaches!

Let me tell you a bit more on my latest haunt in the town of Carnac. Bear in mind, there is Carnac bourg or city center inland and there is Carnac plage or beach,along the ocean where the beaches are of course. Oh yes this is south of me about 30 minutes in my beloved Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France!

Ok so the world knows this town of Carnac due to Unesco. However, we come here literally for the beaches and the ambiance in good weather. Sometimes even in bad weather for the ambiance in the restos/bars. The town is great and well known in France and Europe especially UK who in summer months are all over. It’s a splendid beach area just 32 km or so (about 19 miles) from my home.

You follow the signs for Les Plages, and you reach the area of beaches known as Carnac plage.  Here is  one beach after the other, my favorites are Ty Bihan, Légenèse, and the Grande Plage (main central beach). There is also, St Colomban, Beaumer , Pô, and Men Du. It is not for nothing that the city is certified for the quality of its bathing water, and classified in zone A as good quality water. Exceptional natural heritage, the Carnac coastline is preserved. Namely, Carnac also holds the Tourism and Handicap label.

Let me give you a brief introduction to each beach of Carnac ok

The beach of Saint Colomban is the most west of Carnac. all year round, the windsurfing spot in St Colomban is the recognized meeting place for the best windsurfers. Possibility of parking by the beach. No dogs allowed. The plages tv webpage take on it is here in English: Plages TV on St Colomban beach Carnac


Well sheltered from the wind and shaded, Beaumer beach extends east of the Grande Plage after Pointe Churchill. It is the ideal place for shore fishing. Note that the annual shore fishing trips are organized on the foreshore at Beaumer. Dogs not allowed. Parking lot behind the beach. The plages tv webpage take on it is here in English: Plages TV on Beaumer beach Carnac

Légenèse Beach is located west of the Grande Plage and the Carnac Yacht Club. This small format beach is very pleasant. In summer, the beach comes alive with the Marsouins beach club. The plages tv webpage take on it is here in English: Plages TV on Legenese beach Carnac


To the west of the Grande Plage, Ty bihan beach is the place to relax for all ages with a breathtaking view of the bay of Quiberon. Each summer, the Dolphins Club sets up there and offers children many activities: gym, swimming pool, group games etc. Possibility of parking along the beach. Beach prohibited for dogs. The plages tv webpage take on it is here in English: Plages TV Ty Bihan beach Carnac

And I must admit, our favorite . Clear water, fine sand and 2 km long, the Grande Plage de Carnac is a treat for bathers and sunbathers. The Grande Plage is the largest of the five beaches in the city. In summer, swimming is supervised and water sports can be practiced safely. Two beach clubs set up there each summer. To the west of the beach, the Yacht Club welcomes you all year round to experience all kinds of snow sports intensely. A few steps away, you will find many restaurants and shops. La Grande Plage is also accessible to people with motor disabilities thanks to adapted equipment, all this with the presence of qualified staff with bathing assistance, cloakroom, adapted shower and wc. The reception point is open from the 1st weekend in July to the last weekend in August inclusive, every day from 13h to 19h. The Grande Plage site has been certified tourism and disabled since 2007.Possibility of parking along the Grande Plage. No dogs allowed. The plages tv webpage take on it is here in English: Plages TV on the Grande Plage Carnac



And here at the Grande Plage is our favorite beach bar, a bit off the beach a few meters, and a repeat from the other Grande Plage in my Morbihan.  A beach bar installed in Carnac, feet in the sand facing the sea and boulevard de la mer.  Le Fisher club like its twin previously opened in Quiberon, dressed in wood and white, the Fisher is a refreshing bath that comes alive all day long… You can peacefully have your coffee there in the morning, have lunch on the go and then comes the sacred hour of aperitif! Fresh rosé and tapas are timely! More info here in French: Le Fisher club in Carnac

Of course plenty more and you can see my previous posts on beaches of Carnac for more details. This is just down the house from us, very nice indeed and a nice walk in town too. Carnac is Unesco heritage site for its megaliths stones but it has a lot more I say. Hope you enjoy it.

Some webpages to help you plan  your trip here for the beaches are

The city of Carnac on its ocean litoral and beaches in French: City of Carnac on beaches

The tourist office of Carnac on its beaches: Tourist office of Carnac on the beaches

The tourist office of Carnac in English on Children activities on the beaches: Tourist office of Carnac on Children activities on the beaches

Viewsurf webcam on the Grande Plage of CarnacViewsurf webcam on the Grande Plage in Carnac

And there you go folks, you are all set for a wonderful beach summer in Carnac, the very best and close to all of Europe. Airports at Nantes , Rennes and Lorient as well as Dinard. Train stations at Vannes, Lorient, and Auray, even direct from Paris Montparnasse on the TGV. Bus lines even going to Paris from Vannes on OuiBus/bla bla blas etc; and of course the direct toll road A13 autoroute de Normandie direction Rouen/Caen, and then Lorient/Vannes.

Enjoy it as I said, lovely beaches to rival with any. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!

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  1. We used to visit Carnac regularly, it’s a lovely spot.

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