Men Dû beach at La Trinité sur Mer!

Well now we are off the confinement and into traveling again, after a long hiatus beach time is back. And my Bretagne is on tops, beautiful beaches of white sand to enjoy by the whole family. We love it here for the last 9 years!!!

I have many posts on the beaches here in my blog and also on the La Trinité sur Mer or the Trinity on the sea not far from me about 30 minutes if the visitors dont block us lol!! Many come from Europe in the past UK was the top visitor group we will see how the brexit affects this, second are the Germans, and then we see a lot of Irish, Dutch, Spanish, and Italians.

la trinite sur mer

By the Bay of Quiberon, just south of me we have marvels of everything you can come to see in my belle France. From castles , monasteries ,museums, and especially beaches!! Now I grew back patio the Gulf of Mexico so I know a bit about beaches and these ones can compete with any , of course in shorter period.

As time for summer is near let me give some glimpses of beaches we saw again on this long weekend. One of the favorite is the beach at Men Dû in La Trinité sur Mer.

la trinite sur mer

Following the bay road on the D186 on Avenue des Druides and Rue du Men Dù you come to the pine shaded beach of Men Dù (Breton for where is black) a wonderful corner of my world in La Trinité sur Mer, of course the Morbihan 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. This D186 borders the water from Carnac passing by La Trinité sur Mer and onwards, all gorgeous ride whether by car or bike. Of course, like always once in town or parked by a beach parking, walking is the best.

la trinite sur mer

The Plage du Men-dû is a sandy beach and is shallow. It is the joy of bathers at high tide, and the joy of waders and fishermen on foot at low tide. In the center, overlooks the Ïle de Stuhan or island of. At low water, this islet is connected to the earth by a strip of sand, called a tombolo. You can a local pastime in fishing on foot! A car park with direct access allows you to get to the beach by car with ease. In July and August, a free mini-bus, circulating in the town, serves this beach. During this same period, it has a beach club, which also provides surveillance. It is equipped with public toilets. Pets are not allowed. Finally, a bar-restaurant is located near the beach.

la trinite sur mer

My favorite webpage on beaches in France Plages tv on Men Dû in English: Plages tv on beach at Men Dû La Trinité sur Mer

The city of La Trinité sur Mer on remarkable sites to see including Men DûCity of La Trinite sur Mer on Men Du

General tourist interest from the Bay of Quiberon on La Trinité sur MerTourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on La Trinite sur Mer

And there you go folks another beach heaven in my heavenly Morbihan, with its Gulf name as one of the most beautiful bays in the world!! A select club, here it is for you! World Bays on Morbihan Quiberon

Hope you enjoy the ride and do come and see it for yourselves; La Trinité sur Mer is nice.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Where are the best beaches in France? English Channel, Atlantic or the Med? In your opinion…

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