Shopping at Claye Souilly !

So again as many demonstrations in Paris especially by the Halles I took the opposite direction to my dear Seine-et-Marne dept 77. If you have read my blog you know the significant of this region of my belle France for me.  I took my new car a VW Tiguan automatic for a test run at the shopping in dept 77. So I went to Claye-Souilly.

I took the old reliable N3 road to reach Claye-Souilly and the wonderful shopping center there.  !The Les Sentiers de Claye-Souilly anchor by a big Carrafour hypermarket but plenty of other stores too

claye souilly

Many of my favorite stores are there too including Armand Thiery ,Micromania, Darty, Orange, Carrefour, and Jeff de Brugges. OF course, Columbus Cafe, Subway, and Brioche Dorée!

claye souilly

The Sentiers of Claye Souilly webpage: Official sentiers of Claye Souilly shopping center

Easy parking at park 5 and easy to find your car afterward! Also, easy on off from the national road N3 . From here after some shopping I continue my trip to Meaux.

From here I went to see some real estate agencies as would like to have a furnished apartment in the area to continue my work assignment from the current hotel stay at CDG. The company is helping me find the place. In fact, I saw one at Claye-Souilly that is  by a private individual that is very nice hopefully the company I am working would approve!

And been at Meaux, could not escape visiting the mother of my dear late wife Martine but she is sick in the hospital well had a chat with my father in law and one of the sister in law at the house on a village just outside Meaux.

It was time to get back to the temporary home at the hotel by CDG T1 and ready for tomorrow run to Paris hopefully with less demonstrations; will need to avoid them. IF you are planning to visit Paris at least until Dec 5th read the news check the areas that are not good to be by and or ask me ::)

Hope you like my new runs away from my lovely Bretagne, which will be back for the weekend of Nov 22-24 and have a Thanksgiving dinner even if a bit late.

For now, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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4 Comments to “Shopping at Claye Souilly !”

  1. Venga, muy bien, estaba esperando algo nuevo tuyo…asi que un Tiguan automatico…aqui en Espanya no se ven muchos coches automaticos…bueno, me alegro leer algo nuevo. Un saludo

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