How about CDG terminal 1!

Well this is Friday night and before i do anything else let me tell you a bit more on the transports at Paris airports. I have written plenty in my blog and if you need help just browse the blog or ask me.

This time will touch base on my nearest terminal at CDG Charles de Gaulle Paris airport, that is terminal 1. Did you know the terminals 1,2,3 and parking R and X are all link by the wonderful free train monorail type CDGVAL? This is a great service and even the road warrior like it.


There is a space on the airports of Paris official page on the CDGVAL here: Airports of Paris on the CDGVAL train

There is also a private site that is very helpful to many so I am posting it here too. Easy CDG on RER and CDGVAL trains

I have travel by Terminal 1 but has been my least travel terminal at CDG over the years. Nevertheless, I am very close to it now and needed to drop off my rental car as the company gave me a corporate loaner VW… So therefore, I easily left my job on my Europcar rental Nissan Micra and drove to their counters at Terminal 1. Wow!


Getting there was very easy and well posted and on the ground a nice men just took a look and ask for the keys and off I went, simple as that, tops. Then, I walk back to my hotel hehehe! Well walking is good allows you see different things like there is an elevator for the car rental and arrival/Departures and another for the CDGVAL train !


Once on the CDGVAL monorail train type whatever I just needed one stop to get off at the parking R long term and from there walk about 700 meters to the Hotels complex of  the Holiday inn Express, Mercure, Innside by Mélia, and Moxy. All very convenience not only to terminal 1 but with the CDGVAL to terminals 2 and 3 as well. IF coming by car, the car park R and X are link as well!



Well before getting to my hotel I stop by now a favorite spot the Aéroville shopping center which is huge and nice and had my chow at the Johnny B Goode burger place with a nice grolsch beer!!  And the resto is right here:  Johnny B Goode at Aeroville shopping center

And voilà to my hotel and a good night sleep lol! I am back in the Paris region and it shows !!! Tomorrow will go to my family at Seine-et-Marne dept 77 near Disneyland and then on Sunday will be in Paris! A very good laid out schedule n’est pas ok mon cher lecteurs a bientôt sur ma belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

ps. there is lots of demonstrations schedule from now up to december 5th so be prepare and get the latest online. New pictures uploaded!

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  1. I’ll be in the Camembert in January 🙂

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