The V & B of Vannes !!

This is one of the nice liquor/ bar store around here; been a franchise store with three outlets in my area. I have been to all three in Séné, Auray and this one in Vannes. I have written on the Auray store before but on a special day we came to the one in Vannes, This in my ongoing effort to bring you real life normal life in my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne, and my belle France. Therefore, here is my take on the V&B of Vannes !! Hope you enjoy the post as I

Vannes VB entrance apr23

We are having hard working days at home as I decided to do maintenance duties on the house, These include repairing cracks on the wall outside, pressure cleaning the walls surrounding the property, which is 1000 m2 or about 10 760 sq ft, Then, we painted the moulds around the doors inside the house, and the ceilings of the bedrooms as well as laundry room, We touch up on the kitchen furniture and now still need to fix grout in tile steps to the house, paint the wrought iron grilles, and paint two sides of the house outside, Well I need to keep the house in shape for my sons.

Plu house side left front painted halfway apr23

After, todays’s work we went to get more supplies at our favorite store Castorama (for those US it is like a home depot), Once here the V&B store is just across the street in the parc lann commercial park which we shop in many other stores as well,  In the store we had our usual sausages noisettes and German beers, which includes my favorite Krombacher 4,9% lager, My sons took different brands and some weird ones never heard of lol !! We had a good time together as always. And of course, we took some goodies home like our family nostalgic Champagne Jacquart Mosaique  my very first with my dear late wife Martine. Also, a new coconut punch from Guadaloupe, the French territory in the Caribbean! 

Vannes VB floor apr23

Vannes VB champ Jacquart and Coco punch Guadaloupe apr23

We came home before stopping for bread, flans and sweets at Marie Blachère bakery part of the Grand Frais supermarket in the same area, Just in time for a late lunch at home with a delicious white sauvignon Cheverny wine !

A bit of history I like : V & B was born in 2001 at the opening of the first store in Chateau-Gontier , in the department of the Mayenne 53, in the region of Pays de la Loire, a place where a wine and beer cellar lives, as well as a tasting area. In all, always a pleasant family place to have a cold one, watch some sports and just say cheers to the patrons and owners who are always very friendly.

Vannes VB counters apr23

The official V& B store at Vannes:

There you go folks, we again , went by there today, We enjoy the chain , and even if we have visited the store in Auray more, we have spent several times at the one in Séné and here in Vannes as well, Again, hope you enjoy the post of the V&B of Vannes as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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