Again, the Lieutenance of Honfleur !!

If you have been reading my blog and thank you for it doing it since Nov 2010; then you know my sentimental attachment to Honfleur. A city gear to the ocean and fishing and the Calvados dept 14 of Normandy, I have several posts on it in my blog and they are all special to me. I had to go there again for a personal duty that I had to do, put the ashes of my father at sea as were my mother and wife, Let me tell you again about the Lieutenance of Honfleur !!  Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Honfleur Lieutenance front apr23

The Lieutenance or lieutenancy of Honfleur is located near the vieux bassin or old basin. Last vestige of the fortifications of Honfleur, the building was the dwelling of the King’s Lieutenant. In 1662, the lieutenancy is one of the two gates of Honfleur. Called the Porte de Caen, it will be one of the only accesses from 1682 after the destruction of the Porte de Rouen in 1682. From 1684, the building officially took the name Lieutenance after the creation of the King’s lieutenant’s apartments. of the old basin, the lieutenancy is the last bastion of the medieval Honfleur, last vestige of the ramparts, dismantled at the end of the 17C by order of Colbert. The lieutenancy, as we see it nowadays, is the result of many renovations over the centuries.

Honfleur Lieutenance to vieux port apr23

The Lieutenance, this prestigious building which sits at the entrance to the Vieux Bassin de Honfleur, has just been completely restored and has been open to the public since April 8th, 2023 ! . It hosts a CIAP (Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage) on the maritime history of Honfleur and an artists’ residence.

It offers a permanent exhibition in three rooms and the building’s terraces. The first room gives a historical approach to the city, its main stages from its origin to today from a projection on a model. The military period is developed there. In the second room, the visitor discovers the different facets that have forged the maritime identity of the city: the great explorations, fishing, maritime trade, shipyards, the industrialization of the port, inspiration and production artistic and tourist turning point of the city. The third room highlights the built heritage: materials and construction techniques are explained and illustrated by examples from Honfleur. The route continues on the outside terraces of the Lieutenancy, which allow you to read the landscape and observe the city, its urban planning, its port facilities using models and its evolutions over time thanks to virtual reconstructions offered by binoculars. It is also a creative center to promote contemporary art and its artists. The mission of the residency is to give artistic resonance to maritime heritage,

The city of Honfleur on the Lieutenance:

The Honfleur tourist office on the old bassin and Lieutenance:

There you go folks, another gem in my beloved Honfleur, the world comes to it and we do each time in the city; the Lieutenance , remember the name as in lieutenant. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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