The Fontaines and Lavoirs of Honfleur !

This is as Norman as you can get in Normandie! There is so much I have written on it in my blog, but there is always some that me think not written enough and they deserve more. Therefore, here is my take on the Fontaines et Lavoirs of Honfleur ! Hope you enjoy the post as I

The Saint-Léonard district groups its houses at the foot of a church dating from the 12C . This district experienced strong development during the second half of the 19C due to its proximity to industries, basins and the railway station. This development necessitated the creation of a fountain and a washhouse or lavoir supplied by the Saint Léonard spring. Fed by the sources of the Côte Vassal, it is the oldest washhouse in the city. It was restored in 1807. A few steps from the old basin or vieux bassin or port of Honfleur. See my other post on this Fontaine et Lavoir Saint Leonard!

Honfleur Lavoir saint leonard front apr23

Honfleur lavoir Saint Leonard upstairs apr23

The Fontaine et Lavoir de La Foulerie is at 27 Rue de la Foulerie, This Washhouse was built in 1896 whose source is at the very bottom of the reservoir. Also called Fountain of Dogs. In the 17C, it was called the Saint Stephen’s fountain. It was repaired in 1624. The washhouse fountain is in a fenced area. It was rebuilt on the site of the old “Fontaine aux Chiens” also called “Fontaine Saint-Etienne”. A cement terminal, from which clear water flows, surmounts one of the two basins of the washhouse, the ground surrounding the whole is made up of red terracotta cobblestones. On the gate a sign indicates the opening and closing times of the premises. You will find the graffiti at the bottom left looking at the fountain. This graffiti was done by the artist Jerome Mesnager. born January 30, 1961, in Colmar, is a French painter. Father of “The Man in White”, he is one of the first Parisian street painters. In thirty years his art has become an artistic movement commonly called “urban art” (street art) or “graffiti”.

Honfleur lavoir rue de la Foulerie apr23

The City of Honfleur and its washhouses :

The HonfleurTourist office on the St Leonard district

There you go folks, nice monuments still nicely well done standing and in a wonderful neighborhood to walk and marvel of the architecture of Honfleur. Again, hope you enjoy the walk by the Fontaines et Lavoirs of Honfleur as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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