The Cathédrale St Etienne of Toulouse !!!

I take you back again to this monumental sight to see in my sentimental Toulouse, I have found older new pictures to the blog that felled need to be in it. Of course, will tell you a bit more of the wonderful sublime Cathédrale Saint Etienne (St Stephens) of Toulouse !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

A wonderful monument we always stop by and a must to see while in the pink city of Toulouse. The walks around the neighborhood are nice too perfect to see the architecture and history of the city.

The Cathedral of St Stephens (Saint Etienne) of Toulouse was founded in the 3C by Saint Saturnin, its first bishop, who suffered martyrdom around the year 250. As for the cathedral, dedicated to Saint Etienne, the first historical mention, currently known, is provided by a charter of Charles the Bald given, in the year 844, for the benefit of the churches of the city. At the time of the Gregorian reform, in 1078, Bishop Isarn built or rebuilt, a new church located on the site of the current nave called Raimond VI. Magnificently adapted for the liturgy and preaching, this vast construction, currently divided into 3 bays, is covered with a vault with powerful cross-sectional ribs with a square section.

Toulouse cat st etienne pulpit jul10

The gallery organ dates from 1612. The woodwork was enlarge in 1677 ,then in 1738, restoration in 1761 , in 1772, and 1787, The gallery organ weighs about 13 tons. it is 12 meters high and 10 meters wide. It is not placed on a support, but hung on a vertical “swallow’s nest” wall ! It had a conservative reconstruction by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in 1852, and a complete restoration in 1977, The Choir organ by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll dates from 1868.

Toulouse cat st etienne organ jul10


You have magnificent beautiful chapels amongst them, the Chapel of Saint-François-de-Sales , completed in 1279, was initially dedicated to Saint Martin who is still present on the keystone. Revamped and restored from 1843 to 1846, the chapel was then dedicated to Saint François-Xavier. In the 19C it has a painting by Fauré representing Saint François-Xavier preaching to the Indians. The Saint-Joseph Chapel , The Chapel of Saint Joan of Arc with on the right side a statue of Saint Clotilde and on the left side of Saint Geneviève. This chapel dates from 1279. The current decor dates from 1922 after her canonization in 1920.



Toulouse cat st etienne chapel ste jeanne d'arc jul10

You can look up and see beautiful stained glass even the incomplete stained glass windows from the 14C adorn the chapels of Saint Pierre, Saint François, Saint Augustin, and Saint Vincent de Paul. The royal canopy (15C) offers portraits of Charles VII and his eldest son, the future Louis XI. Remarkable among others, the image of Saint Louis, seated on his throne, raised to Heaven by 2 angels, around 1300, Saint Joseph’s Chapel, Saint Catherine and a bishop, these scultées circa 1340, On the south collateral you see the woodwork of the choir and the great organ, executed from 1610, constitute a rare set of sculptures, which complete the large altarpiece of the High Altar circa 1660-1668, it is surrounded by wrought iron gates done in 1766, A 33-piece hanging, from the 16-17C, is dedicated to the history of Saint Etienne and the Holy Bishops of Toulouse. In the side aisles are the tombs of President de Lestang 1623, Bishop H. de Sponde 17C, and President de Puyvert 1784. Finally, 2 painted canvases from the 17C : the Triumph of Joseph by H. Pader, under the organ, and the Adoration of the Shepherds by Nicolas Bollery, school of Fontainebleau.


It has wonderful sublime tapestries such as with the first group includes four pieces , dating from 1532 to 1534. The scenes trace the history of St Etienne. The second group consists of 17 tapestries, first suite dedicated to the life of St Etienne, includes 9 pieces; the other includes 8 pieces and is dedicated to the holy Bishops of Toulouse such as Saturnin, Hilaire, Sylve, Exupère, Germier, Louis d’Anjou, Martial, and Bertrand de Comminges, The 9 tapestries of the first suite, devoted to the life of St Etienne represent the election to the diaconate, the miracles, the appearance before his judges, the stoning, the burial, and the translation of the body of the martyr.  Four of these tapestries were presented,  installed in the stalls from March 19 to 31, 2016. These are : The ordination or the election of Saint Etienne to the diaconate, the stoning , the burial, and the translation of the relics.

The official Cathédrale Saint Etienne

The Toulouse tourist office on the Cathedral:

There you go folks, even a revolution could not change the faith. So do come to the Cathédrale St Etienne as it is a wonderful monument testament of enduring faith and beautiful architecture. It is Toulouse, if you are here , you must come to it. Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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