The Jardin des Plantes of Toulouse !

Well if you walk, then gardens are a must, and they are all beautiful! Often overlook by visitors because they want to see monuments but a wonderful part of any city and gorgeous statues fountains etc as well. A great way to rest amongst this beauty after a long city walk. Toulouse has some that I like and will update telling you on one historical at least ; this is Jardin des Plantes of Toulouse !


The Jardin des Plantes is a public garden; formerly it was a garden of plants and it has retained its name but not its status. It is part, with the Boulingrin and the Jardin Royal garden, (see posts) of a set of three gardens located southeast of city center/downtown Toulouse. It extends over seven hectares between Allée Jules-Guesde, Allée Serge Ravanel, Rue Alfred-Duméril and Rue Lamarck.


The first Jardin des Plantes was created in 1730 by the Toulouse Science Society. But it was not at its current location, it was in the Saint-Sernin district, not far from Porte Matabiau.   As the quality of the soil was not satisfactory, the collection had to be moved in 1756 to rue de la Sénéchaussée (current rue des Fleurs). It is in 1794 by the will of Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse, naturalist, that the Capitouls decreed that the Jardin des Plantes will be located in an enclosure almost identical to that which it occupies today. It takes up part of the old enclosure of the Barefoot Carmelites. With a collection of 1,300 species, local or acclimatizing, the Jardin des Plantes became a large botanical garden but also a place where the poor can collect medicinal plants. By decree of July 27, 1808, Napoleon I   gave the city the land and the buildings of the garden. During the Battle of Toulouse (April 10, 1814), the garden was used as an artillery point from one of its mounds.  In 1817, a pond was created, fed by the nearby Canal du Midi. The garden was transformed for the coming of the international exhibition of 1887: it became a public garden. Seals, bears, monkeys, etc. populated the garden until 1976, then there now are only water hens , ducks, geese, swans, and peacocks. The current Jardin des Plantes is located in city center, in the Busca district near the Pont des Demoiselles district, towards the Canal du Midi.



When it was moved to this location, it was outside the city walls, now it is right in the center in a very dense residential area mixing old buildings and newer buildings. It is bordered by the School of Medicine, the Museum of Natural History, the Daniel-Sorano Theater and the Saint-Exupère Church. (see posts) ,It is very close to Boulingrin (Grand Pond garden) but a wide avenue separates it. However, a metal walkway allows pedestrians to join these two public parks. Several entrances serve it. The oldest is the Capitol gate, dating from 1555, which was moved from the Capitol compound to the eastern side of the garden. The most common is the so-called Virebent entrance at the Allées Jules Guesde . It is connected to it by the allée des justes des Nations street. The Jardin des Plantes garden brings together several vestiges, old or renovated buildings. Among these, the Museum dates from the end of the 16C. The east entrance gate to the garden is a reconstruction dating from 1886 of one of the gates of the old Capitol. The North gate overlooking rue Ozenne is there since March 6, 1805.


The city of Toulouse on the Jardin des Plantes :

The Toulouse tourist office on the jardin des plantes

There you go folks, another wonderful place to be full of culture all around you. Indeed a wonderful place and as you can read full of interesting things to see in lovely Toulouse. Again, hope you enjoy the Jardin des Plantes as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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